Peugeot Pepper & Salt Mills

Peugeot Canada Salt Pepper Mills
The worldwide standard since 1840.

As with all my items, I try to only carry an intelligent selection of quality tools instead of just filling my site with fifty crummy versions of the same thing. And so it took me a long time to decide on Peugeot. After reading, testing, and asking my customers though, the choice was clear. For quality, durability, and classic good looks with a wide-ranging selection, Peugeot is tops! The salt and pepper mechanisms are specially designed to withstand years and years of grinding, with perfect and consistent results every time. In fact, both the salt and pepper mechanisms are covered by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Easy to use and adjust, and a pleasure to display and share, Peugeot pepper and salt mills will become trusted kitchen and dining room friends. All mills come with a small amount of pepper or salt already filled in the chamber. Note: do not use wet salts in the salt mills, they will not function and can be damanged. Note: do not use cheap pepper in the pepper mills (hey, you only live once, and life's too short to use stale pepper).

Mills sold separately unless otherwise indicated (in a few gift sets). Yes, it makes sense to just order a pepper mill if you prefer to simply use a salt shaker instead of a salt mill. But then you'll miss out on the fine taste and texture of nice milled sea salt (and the nice look of a matching set), so do try to order a set!

Peugeot Pepper Mills
2 Stage channeling and grinding process. Cracks peppercorns before they are ground, giving you the freshest and most flavorful taste. Adjustable mechanism with lifetime warranty.
Peugot Salt Mills
Treated stainless steel mechanism. Peugeot mills are the only ones manufactured in this manner and are recognized as the best in the world. Lifetime warranty on mechanism.
Peugot Nutmeg Mills
Double stainless steel blade, shaves & cuts the nutmeg to release its fresh aroma. Claws hold the nutmeg firmly in place. Lifetime warranty on mechanism.
Peugeot U-Select Mills
U-Select Mechanism
Patented system has 6 preset levels for pepper and 3 preset levels for salt. Precise and easy to use. Lifetime warranty on mechanism.
Peugeot of France created the pepper grinder in 1842. The patented design of the grinding mechanism created by a company engineer for the first Peugeot pepper mills is still in use today, virtually unchanged. Often copied, but never equaled, the mechanism made of case hardened steel is designed to crack the peppercorns before the actual fine grinding process. The grooves on a Peugeot mechanism are individually cut into the metal, and then case hardened, making them virtually indestructible. The same unyielding commitment that goes into every Peugeot pepper mill mechanism is also evident in the stainless steel salt mechanism. Peugeot grinding mechanisms are the choice of food professionals and discerning cooks around the world.

Great Gifts! A set of beautiful and high quality Peugeot salt and pepper mills will last a lifetime, giving your recipient a daily reminder of your thoughtfulness.

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