Victorinox Wood Handle 3.25" Paring Knife - 40100

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Another great version of my favourite type of paring knife: small, tough, affordable, sharp, easy to maintain, and somewhat flexible. When I was in culinary school studying pastry, we all had loads of these and we used them for SO many jobs, including the endless small fruit prep (apple pie or strawberry tart, anyone?!?), and I still use them daily at home to core and dice apples for snacks. Highly recommended... every kitchen needs a few paring knives like this hanging around. Victorinox Item # 40100 / 5.3000 / 5.0600.S-X1

Hand-wash only, no dishwasher

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Wayne Fraser
A cut above

Very good quality for the price, hard to beat.

Bob D.
Hard to beat

I recently bought a few of the Rosewood, as well as the Fibrox paring knives and couldn't be happier. Easy to maintain,,,comfortable grips,,, great price, and FAST shipping. When it comes to price/performance ratio, the Victorinox knives are hard to beat.

Andrew Taylor
Good Paring knives!

Excuse the two for one review here folks. I bought the Victorinox 3.25" Paring Knife - 6.7603 AND Victorinox Wood Handle 3.25" Paring Knife - 40100. I wanted to see if it was exactly the same blade but with a different handle. It appears they are not. Different finish at the very least. There may be slight differences in the blade profile and cutting edge geometry, but if there is it is negligible. Please take into consideration I am not a knife guy or a chef. Just average end user. Both of these knives are certainly better than anything you would find on the isles of high volume big box and grocery stores. I am putting together a set of the Rosewood knives and I glad I know have the paring knife The synthetic version is a sweet number too. And at this price-point I will likely pickup a few more of them in the future. Picture attached shows both versions of the Victorinox Paring Knives mentioned, plus the big Victorinox 10" Wood Handle Chef's Knife - 40021 for reference.

Noah G

Very happy with my purchase. Fast shipping and glad to be supporting a Canadian business.

Patrick Beaumont

Knife is great, shipping was (ultra!) fast. And prices are better than anywhere else. Couldn't be more pleased!

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