Victorinox Swiss Modern Santoku Knife, 17cm/7", Granton Edge, Wood Handle 6.9050.17KG

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The Japanese-inspired Swiss Modern Santoku Knife is a truly efficient tool for the kitchen. Known as the ‘knife of the three virtues’ for its ability to effortlessly handle and slice through meat, fruit and vegetables, its 17-centimeter-long blade has a specially fluted edge to reduce friction and thus prevent food sticking to the blade. The handles are made of European walnut – richly grained, dark-brown wood, making each knife genuinely unique. And something else puts Swiss Modern knives in a class of their own – the walnut, which feels unbelievably warm and natural. The geometrically shaped handles create a dynamic impact and give mankind’s oldest and most important tool a contemporary feel. This Santoku knife is about the perfect balance of elegance and functionality, durability and timelessness.

A great alternative or complement to a standard 8-10" chef's knife!

YES, this is the same blade as the series that is so highly recommended by reviewers everwhere, but instead of the rather industrial-looking plastic handle, you get a really nice looking and pleasant to use natural walnut wood handle. A heavy-duty, affordable, and high performance knife. At the price, it's really hard to go wrong!

Comes in a nice box as pictured, which also makes it a nicer gift as opposed to the basic sleeve packaging of the other series.

Made in Switzerland
Victorinox # 6.9050.17KG

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Victorinox santoku

Beautiful knife. Haven’t used it as I bought it for a gift. Obvious good quality

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