Victorinox Swiss Modern Chef Knife, 20cm/8", Wood Handle 6.9010.20G

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As the ultimate tool for the kitchen’s bigger cutting tasks, the Swiss Modern Chef Knife cuts cleanly and effortlessly through every type of food, making light work of slicing and dicing meat, fruit and vegetables. Just like each piece in its collection, it's been ergonomically honed for ultimate comfort. And with its ultrasharp stainless steel blade and beautiful walnut wood handle, it will quickly become one of the go-to pieces in your kitchen. The handles are made of European walnut – richly grained, dark-brown wood, making each knife genuinely unique. And something else puts Swiss Modern knives in a class of their own – the walnut, which feels unbelievably warm and natural. The geometrically shaped handles create a dynamic impact and give mankind’s oldest and most important tool a contemporary feel. This chef knife is about the perfect balance of elegance and functionality, durability and timelessness.

YES, this is the same blade as the series that is so highly recommended by reviewers everywhere, but instead of the rather industrial-looking plastic handle, you get a really nice looking and pleasant to use natural walnut wood handle. A heavy-duty, affordable, and high performance knife. At the price, it's really hard to go wrong!

Comes in a nice box as pictured, which also makes it a nicer gift as opposed to the basic sleeve packaging of the other series.

Made in Switzerland
Victorinox # 6.9010.20G

Please note that the handles are made of natural wood, and so each one is unique and will not be exactly as pictured here, and small imperfections are to be expected. Hand wash only; NO DISHWASHER, and wash and dry as soon as possible after use, do not leave sitting wet in a sink or on a wet cutting board.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah C
Slicin' and dicin'

This knife is so smooth and sharp, dicing up veggies has gone from a bore to the best chore.

Excellent knife

This knife has no business being so cheap. The handle is gorgeous and comfortable. Haven’t needed to sharpen it yet but if you’re looking for something beautiful and good without breaking the bank, this is it.

An excellent kitchen tool

Paul's description on this is 100% correct in that this is the same blade as on the classic Fibrox series with the difference being that functionality is retained, but is much more aesthetically pleasing. The steel is easy to sharpen, retains a decent edge and is lightweight while remaining robust enough for most common tasks. The wider heel of the blade is appealing in that it keeps your pinch-gripped knuckles further away off the board and allows you to confidently scoop ingredients should the need arise. The wood handle and it's shape give it a bit of elegance and keeps the knife exceptionally lightweight. This is the kind of knife that would do well in a home, commercial or professional kitchen and is ideal for anyone looking something inexpensive, functional and attractive. The only negative is that the steel is a bit soft so, while it'll make for easy sharpening, you will find yourself sharpening and honing more often to maintain an edge.

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