Victorinox Swiss Army Fibrox 10" Serrated Bread Knife - 40547

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The Victorinox Swiss Army 10" Serrated Bread Knife features the popular non-slip industrial-strength Fibrox handle.

This large bread knife is ideal for large crusty loaves or for slicing crusty meats and large fruits. YES, this is the series that is so highly recommended by Cook's Illustrated magazine! A heavy-duty, affordable, and high performance knife. At the price, it's really hard to go wrong! Makes a great starter knife for a student moving away from home, or for a culinary school student who needs something rugged and affordable.

Note: 40547, 47547, 5.2933.26 are all the same item -- they are just different part numbers for the different packaging offered by Victorinox. The knives are the same.

If you're looking for a blade guard to go with this knife, this one is the closest fit.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Knife!

This is an amazing knife that slices through my sourdough with ease...I was getting tired of electric knives that last 3-4 months, and finally bought this after asking Paul for some advice. Excellent purchase, and a really high quality product!

Le pain et la pandémie COVID-19

Depuis le début de la pandémie COVID-19 nous faisons notre pain. Un couteau à pain de qualité était devenu une nécessité. Le Victorinox-40547 que nous avons acquis est un ustensile impressionnant qui donne une coupe facile, nette et précise aussi bien dans la croute ferme que dans la mie tendre de nos pains. Le manche du couteau tient bien dans la main et il guide parfaitement la coupe. Nous sommes très satisfait de cette acquisition et nous recommandons ce couteau à pain sans restriction.

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