Victorinox Fibrox 8" Chef's Knife - 40520

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No doubts about it, the 8-inch Fibrox Chef's Knife is one of the most useful kitchen knives. Whether you're preparing one course or six, it's a high-quality versatile must-have for every serious cook. Most cooks find themselves using this knife for more tasks around the kitchen than any other.

The Fibrox handle is non-slip and super comfortable for a wide variety of hand shapes, and since it's molded, is very resistant to water infiltration along the point where the handle meets the blade. 

These knives are quite sharp, take an edge great, are easy to resharpen and maintain in general, and are just great all-around workhorses for the home user and professional alike. 

And YES, this is the knife that is so popular due to the Cook's Illustrated recommendations!

Victorinox models numbers: 40520, 47520

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Tom Watrous
Great Knives! Great Service!

Hi Paul!
We purchased the three Victorinox knives (8" Chef, Bread, Paring) for our "mac & cheese" nephew on his recent 21st birthday. To be truthful, I am technically unassociated with all three, although I mainline the 10" Victorinox Chef knife exclusively. In fact, I have TWO, one in the fibrox, and the other in rosewood. (The first was gifted to me by a chef in gratitude on assisting him at a private
culinary event....since then, my $$ high-end chef knife has remained sleeping in a nearby drawer...)

Paul, I always enjoy doing business with you. Your descriptions are illuminating and purposeful....and your service is outstanding! With this recent order for our nephew, the parcel was delivered
THE NEXT DAY.....!! Well in time for his birthday! Many thanks!


Sir Tom (Ret'd)
O-D.C. Bart.

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