Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8" Chef's Knife - 40520

NOTE: Victorinox is no longer selling this at retail (only for commercial sales, such as restaurants). The Fibrox line is being replaced by the Swiss Classic line. Same great blades, but newer more ergonomic handles. See the granton edge Swiss Classic version here This blade is also available with a nice wooden handle here.

No doubts about it, the 8-inch Fibrox Chef's Knife is one of the most useful kitchen knives. Whether you're preparing one course or six, it's a high-quality versatile must-have for every serious cook. Most cooks find themselves using this knife for more tasks around the kitchen than any other.

The Fibrox handle is non-slip and super comfortable for a wide variety of hand shapes, and since it's molded, is very resistant to water infiltration along the point where the handle meets the blade. 

These knives are quite sharp, take an edge great, are easy to resharpen and maintain in general, and are just great all-around workhorses for the home user and professional alike. 

And YES, this is the knife that is so popular due to the Cook's Illustrated recommendations!

Victorinox models numbers: 40520, 47520, 5.2063.20

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great knife for the money

I must admit, my expectations were not high. I had doubts about the handle. Turns out, I love it. Nice and chunky. Grippier than I expected. The knife came sharp. The blade is surprisingly well finished. Not perfect mirror finish, but really close. I have a hard time calling this an entry level knife. I haven't had it long, so we will see how the edge holds up and how sharpening goes.

Excellent All Around Knife

Nice and sharp straight from the factory. I couldn't be happier at this price point. It really feels like an amazing deal for the quality of knife that you get.

Extremely Sharp ... But

This knife is extremely sharp, but it feels light and not as well balanced compared to similar knives I own. That said, I would definitely buy it again.

Kim Robinson
Great knife!

After reading many positive reviews on this knife I decided to order. Should have ordered years ago! I’m very pleased with my knife.

This is the one you want

Seriously, stop reading reviews and buy this knife. Unless you're an exotic knife collector or a professional chef in a high-end restaurant, this is definitely the one you want. As with anything, there's a point of diminishing returns where each extra dollar starts getting you a lot less than one dollar of value. I would argue that the Victorinox Fibrox series hits that optimal value point for 99% of consumers. Sure, the handle is basic, but it's comfortable, durable and gets the job done. And yes, it may not be as sharp as carbon steel, but it holds an edge fantastically well and you'll never worry about rust or wince when someone drops it into the bottom of the sink.

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