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Sakai Takayuki


Sakai Takayuki Aonikou Blue-2 Carbon Steel Slicer Knife/Sujihiki, 240mm (9.5")

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Sakai Takayuki Aonikou Blue-2 Carbon Steel Slicer Knife/Sujihiki, 240mm (9.5") It is made from the high-end Hitachi Yasugi-works Blue-2 steel which is a very pure high carbon steel with added chromium and tungsten for increased toughness and durability (making it somewhat less fragile than the "white" steels for example). This steel is also called Aogami or Ao-Ko II in Japanese. Hardness is at least HRC 60.

Please consider using Tsubaki/Cammelia oil to protect the blade of your carbon steel knife.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Robson
Nice slicer

Nice quality knife and not very expensive for the wooden handle and carbon blade. Looks cool too!

First impression

First time using this knife. I used it to broke down a whole leg of Lamb and a beef top sirloin. It was very satisfied to feel the knife slipped in between the muscle and the gristle. It performs the same as my other $400 powder steel sujihiki. Slicing them into fondue was as easy as slicing mushroom. If you are a meat lover and like to processes primal. This one is for you. I used liquid coconut oil to maintain the carbon steel pans, knives, and cutting board.

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