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Idahone Ceramic Bench Stone, Fine, Small

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Solid ceramic sharpening stone, Fine, 4" x 2" x 0.5"

If you're ever noticed how great the Idahone fine ceramic hone works to maintain your edge and thought that it would be great to have a normal whetstone made of the same material, well, your prayers have been answered!

This is NOT like the other "ceramic" stones we sell... this one is in fact made of a solid block of ceramic, fused under high temperature, so you end up with a super hard stone which can be used dry and which under normal circumstances will not dish and so will not require lapping. People love these for that reason -- they work great, and require almost no maintenance (other than normal cleaning with an eraser or similar item as with the hones, as they pick up metal particles while sharpening). They're quite heavy and dense, and so they aren't huge or thick (they're expensive to make), but the material is super hard: think "ceramic" as in a ceramic knife, not like a normal Naniwa/Shapton stone, which has abrasive particles bound in a matrix. 

This fine stone is officially rated at 1500 grit but honestly, as with the rod/hone version, it will work more like a 2000-3000 (at least) normal sharpening stone in our opinion.

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John Doerksen
effective little thing!

works awesome for keeping pocket knives in tip top shape. sharpens vg 10, aus10a, 3v, s30 just fine.

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