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Edge Pro 220 Grit Medium Stone

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This is the one that comes with the Apex A2 kit available here. This is the one to start with on most knives that need a new edge. Comes pre-mounted on an aluminum plate ready for use in your Edge Pro Apex system.

Customer Reviews

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Great starting point for fairly dull knives

This is the stone I use for sharpening an average knife for the first time or sharpening a knife that got quite blunt. It is coarse enough to remove metal at a decent pace but not so coarse you remove too much or need to spend a lot of time on subsequent stones removing the marks it left.

The stone is 4mm - 4.1mm thick.

Thomas Bates
Edge pro 220 is fast cutting

I enjoy using the EP 220 stone for very dull blades with minor damage. I only drop down to the 120 grit for aggressive profiling. The 220 can drop a bevel pretty quickly and is less friable than the 120. I find that although it takes a bit longer to remove
metal, it can wear a bit slower than the 120 and I’m not afraid to pull a burr with the 220. Great stone but somewhat prone to wear because of it’s aggressiveness.

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