DMT D8ME 8-Inch Dia-Sharp Sharpening Stone, Medium Extra Fine, 4000 Grit

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On a limited, special offer basis,  DMT will produce a 6 micron / 4000 mesh D8ME 8-inch Dia-Sharp® Bench Stone. Our medium extra-fine can be used to attain a polished edge on your tools and knives.  If you've been looking for something between our 9 and 3 micron stones, this is for you. 

This stone is roughly equivalent to a 4000 grit stone; it's very fine and a great choice for finishing the average high quality kitchen knife.

Guaranteed not to hollow or groove, DMT®’s precisely engineered Dia-Sharp® Bench Stone with continuous diamond surface assures consistent, even sharpening every time. 

Diamond sharpening "stones" like this are an affordable, easy and fast way to sharpen your knives. And of course they never need flattening, so no need to invest in a lapping plate!

The DMT D8ME Dia-Sharp precision engineered diamond surface will stay flat throughout all your sharpening requirements without hollowing, chipping or cracking.

Sharpening with diamonds is fast and easy. No messy oils needed—sharpen dry or with water. Durable construction will provide years of consistent performance and reliable service. For proper tool maintenance, woodworkers, chefs and other professionals rely on the superior quality and versatility of DMT® products.

Note that DMT does NOT recommend these series of stones for lapping/flattening waterstone. Get one of the big DiaFlat lapping plates (extra-coarse or coarse) for that job, they will hold up MUCH better!

NOTE: Because they are so fine, the surface of these stones will appear scratched and there may be small indents/pits in the surface, but it's just a by-product of their manufacturing and does not affect performance. It's not as visible on the more coarse stones because of the big chunks of diamonds on the surface... the diamonds on this one are so fine they're not visible.

Customer Reviews

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I was on the fence about buying a diamond stone with a 4000 grit but I am so pleased I did. The grit on this stone is so fine that at first I thought it might be a defect. I reached out to the sites customer service and asked about it and Paul assured me the stone was as it should be. Used it the very next day to finish a few knives, this stone works very well. To the touch, you might not be able to feel the grit, but the knives I sharpened definitely showed excellent results with this stone. I might even buy the 8000 grit DMT Dia-sharp when I get a little more money. Almost got a mirror polish off this stone. Fantastic stone, excellent construction, and very flat. After buying four DMT diamond stones, I am seriously weighing switching to diamond stones for most of my sharpening needs. I still prefer traditional whetstones for convex edges and final polishing, but for everything else in my collection, I will very likely be using the DMT diamond stones from now on. Great service, fair prices, and excellent shipping time from time of purchase. I highly recommend these stones and this site for all sharpening needs. I am very satisfied with my purchases!

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