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DMT D8C 8-Inch Dia-Sharp Sharpening Stone, Coarse, 320 grit

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Guaranteed not to hollow or groove, DMT®’s precisely engineered Dia-Sharp® Bench Stone with continuous diamond surface assures consistent, even sharpening every time. It will cut a new edge or tip on a damaged knife very quickly and of course it will never need flattening. Diamond sharpening "stones" like this are an affordable, easy and fast way to sharpen your knives.

Measures 8" x 3".

Coarse diamond (45 micron / 325 mesh) for fast removal of material and edge repair.

This stone is roughly equivalent to a 320 grit Japanese waterstone, so if you want a "coarse" (320 to 400 grit) style stone, this is the one to get. Great for very fast and efficient cutting of a new edge or to grind out imperfections or damage in your knife edge. 

These diamond stones do not require nearly as much time as a traditional waterstone does to get the job done so they're great for a busy cook or worker. And please a light touch and just use the minimum number of swipes to set your edge. Overuse can potentially damage your knife and reduce the lifespan of the stone if you go at it as you would with a waterstone... as with any good tool, let it do the work!

Note that DMT does NOT recommend this stone for lapping/flattening waterstone. Get one of the big DiaFlat lapping plates (extra-coarse or coarse) for that job, they will hold up MUCH better!

NOTE: The surface of these stones may appear scratched and there may be small indents/pits in the surface, but it's just a by-product of their manufacturing and does not affect performance. 

Customer Reviews

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Great Stone!

This diamond stone cuts so fast! Very pleased with this purchase. I will probably be picking up a lower grit like 220 for some very damaged edges I have in my collection, but this one will take care of most edge issues in no time. I bought this with the rest of a set of diamond stones to work on some K390 blades and wow do these stones feel great.

Kyla Moore
Glad I ordered this

It was so hard to choose what to order, so many options, but I’m glad I went with the diamond stone because I’ve been sharpening all of my family/friend/neighbours‘ knives and I’ve had to put a new edge dozens already (worn and chipped over many years) so having a rock solid low grit diamond stone I can really grind them on saves a lot of time and gives me peace of mind it will stay flat longer.

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