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Pride Abrasive Water Stone, 400 grit Sharpening Stone - WW-0400

Score: 5.00 (votes: 3)

Pride Abrasive 400 Grit Coarse Sharpening Stone, 20cmx7cm surface, 2cm thick.

These are high quality, American-made water stones. They cut very fast and yet are still very long lasting. Highly recommended! This 400-grit is quite coarse and a great place to start with a very dull or damaged knife -- you can make quick progress in cutting a new edge!

These are fine to soak before sharpening, but as always air dry between use, and avoid rapid temperature changes to reduce the risk of damage. Only use water to lubricate and clean, no oil or detergents or anything else. 

Note: these do not come with any packaging. They will ship to you well-protected, but they do not include any box or stand or anything else. 

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Score: 5.00 (votes: 3)
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  • Aug 1, 2018, 10:21
    Pierre très efficace, on dirait qu'elle enlève le matériel aussi rapidement qu'une 220, seul défaut elle "dish" rapidement, après 5 couteau on peu voir des marques sur la surface, on doit vraiment travaillé sur la surface totale de la pierre pour limiter l'usure. Bref une petite modification à apporté à ma technique maintenant je travaille mieux sur l'ensemble de mes pierres à eau.
  • Feb 19, 2018, 00:42
    I have the 400, 1k, 3k, and 8k

    The 400 is FAST. It will wear a little, but given the almost insane speed with which these cut, the wearing is of no concern. In literally a handful of strokes you will have completed your work on this stone
  • Jan 13, 2018, 13:28
    I sharpen knives by hand professionally, so every single day I have Japanese Water Stones and knives in my hand. I love water stones and was very eager to test this new line up offered by Paul. I soaked the stone prior to sharpening and lined up several different knives of various quality from very average to dream knife. There are three things I look for in a water stone. 1. Ability to abrade steel, all steel. 2. Positive Tactile Feedback and 3. Slow Dishing Speed. (Cost of course is a factor for some and these are priced nicely) For a stone to have all three of these qualities, it is not always the case. I found it quite easy to form a burr on all the knives with this stone and it felt very good using it and that is very important to me, I have many stones that I don't use often because they just don't offer a pleasant degree of feedback. As for dishing, after about 10 knives I flattened the stone and the dishing was normal and for most folks who sharpen their own knives only, this is not a big problem anyway. I can highly recommend these stones and of course, dealing with Paul is always a great experience.
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