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Wusthof Classic Kitchen Surfer 5 Knife, 5.5-inch (14 cm) - 4177-14

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The 5th edition in the popular Wusthof Kitchen Surfer series! New for 2020. This makes an ideal companion to a normal Chef's knife or santoku for example. It's a smaller version of the popular and unique chai dao Chinese-style knife, great for just about any small cutting/slicing/dicing job where you'd normally use a small chef knife or santoku. Great for veggies and scooping. Very handy -- you'll love it!

Remember, while it may look a bit like a cleaver, this is a very sharp and fine-edged normal kitchen knife meant for cutting the usual veggies, fruits and boneless meats; it must NOT be used for cutting bones or anything else very hard which might damage the edge.

As with all fine knives, hand-wash only, NO dishwasher!

This makes a great addition to a growing and versatile knife collection. A knife like this one quickly becomes a favourite "go-to" knife for those many everyday tasks where a small paring knife is too small and a chef's knife is overkill. Same comfortable and nearly indestructible grip and razor-sharp hardened stainless steel edge as the rest of the classic line. Forged German steel quality for a lifetime of use.

Here is what Wusthof says:

  • With its special blade shape, the new Kitchen Surfer from WÜSTHOF is the perfect all-rounder for all cutting tasks in the kitchen or at the table.
  • Made from a single piece of chromium-molybdenum-vanadium blade steel, it offers outstanding sharpness and edge retention thanks to the special laser-controlled PEtec sharpening process.
  • The handles made of robust plastic are welded and riveted without any joints.
  • The bolster and continuous tang ensure the right weight and good balance.
  • Available at a special price, versatile and long-lasting, what more could you ask for!
  • The Kitchen Surfer comes in attractive gift packaging.

Customer Reviews

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Bob Schulte
Comfortable Prep Knife

I bought this for my wife who, although she has normal sized hands, finds regular chef's knives too long, pointy, and awkward. She loves the size and shape of this surfer, both for chopping and for scooping up prepped fruit and vegetables.

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