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Naniwa Aotoshi Pierre à Aiguiser "Brique Verte" Grain 2000 - IR-0260

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Naniwa Aotoishi "Green Brick of Joy" Pierre à aiguiser japonaise à grain 2K, SANS support, surface de 21 cm x 7 cm, épaisseur de 5,5 cm. Fabriqué au Japon.

Cette pierre fine est un bon choix pour la finition des couteaux allemands, ou pour l'entretien régulier de tout autre couteau allemand ou japonais où vous ne voulez pas nécessairement un tranchant super poli. C'est le plus lisse que beaucoup de gens auront jamais besoin d'utiliser, en particulier pour les couteaux allemands ou tout couteau en acier inoxydable standard.

Il s'agit d'une pierre "hors série", donc ce n'est pas vraiment une Super Stone, Pro, ou quoi que ce soit d'autre... elle est très épaisse, et elle a juste un certain quelque chose que de nombreux experts sérieux en affûtage de couteaux adorent, d'où le "Vert Surnom de "Brique de Joie" !

Un trempage de 5 minutes avant utilisation est parfait pour cette pierre (ce n'est pas un vrai splash-and-go comme les Super Stones et Pro Stones). Ne le laissez pas tremper pendant des heures ou plus cependant.

Garantie : Garantie de 90 jours contre les défauts de fabrication.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Very goof soft stone
It makes mirror finish on the edge
Strongly recommend!!
And very good service too!!

Wish I can have It Earlier--Great Stone for Daily Maintenance.

It is a super thick stone. Absolutely perfect for my mono steel knives for work. It was not as fast as a Shapton pro 2000 by itself unless you use a nagura stone to raise some slurry (I use a Suehiro 1000 nagura). For the first time, I soak it for 2 minutes and it is ready to be used. After that, it only took a few seconds under the running water. To me, it is almost a Splash-n-go stone. (I used it almost every day so the inside of the stone could be still holding some water). Beware the stone is soft (compare with Shapton and Chosera), you need to be careful if you want to do the edge leading way.
I brought many things from Paul since I found his site, as always he ships the product out very fast and got it packed safely. 100% satisfaction!

Rebecca Egier
Havent used the stone yet but...

I found the site easy to navigate, payment was quick and painless and the items arrived ridiculously quickly. They were packaged well and I recieved updates about their packaging delivery (almost too many updates, but Canada Post is more to blame there.) Great service over all.

Chuck Danger
Great stone

This stone is a great finishing stone for my needs. Leaves a nice toothy edge without being too rough, I use it for touch ups in between sharpening

Luc F
Amazing stone all the way

I'm now into my 11th stone trying out different things and I must admit, this stone is really out of the ordinary. I love it's feeling, it's feedback and it's polishing effect on my blades.

Basically I have replaced my maintenance on knives AND sharpening needs (if not too blunt) by this stone, and I feel like it's going to last forever due to its thickness and very little need to flatten it so far.

It does load up a bit but it's not a big problem imho

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