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Felco Pruner Model 8 : Ergonomic

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Felco Pruner Model F8
This is like the model 7, only without the rotating handle. Or to put it another way, it's an "ergonomic" version of the classic F2. A good choice if you like the idea of the F7 handle and cutting efficiency but don't want to bother with the rotating handle and additional cost. Maximum cutting capacity: 1"/25mm. Best of large/normal hands (see F6 for a model specifically made for smaller hands). A great all-around pruner for Viticulture, Arboriculture, Horticulture, Parks and Gardens, and Nursery. For right hand use only. Length: 8.3"/210mm, weight: 245g/8.6oz. Comes with adjustment key. Comes packed in a nice clear-top retail blister pack

Reliable: comfortable, light, sturdy handles made of forged aluminium with a lifetime guarantee* / blade and screw-mounted anvil blade made of high-quality hardened steel / clean, precise cut / all parts can be replaced Efficient: easy, durable cutting adjustment / wire cutting notch / sap groove Ergonomic: hand and wrist protection and optimisation of the force exerted are provided by the ideal shape of the handles, the angled head and the cushion-shock absorber / non-slip coating --- Forged aluminium handles guaranteed for life* Lightweight, strong and sturdy thanks to special aluminium alloys and advanced precision forging methods perfectly mastered by FELCO. Ergonomic tool Inclined cutting head to reduce the risk of muscular-skeletal injuries and to maximise user comfort. Precision adjustment system FELCO's micrometric adjustment system guarantees an optimal adjustment of the cutting head throughout the life of the tool, and delivers a clean and precise cut every time. Sap groove The sap groove prevents the blade sticking when cutting "sappy" wood. It saves time and makes pruning easier by removing sap and debris after each cut. Wire cutting notch The blades of most FELCO pruning shears feature a notch that allows for the cutting of small wires without damaging the cutting edge.

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The best pruners available

We bought this model about 15 years ago when we still lived in England and we are still using them today. They have never needed servicing and are still sharp, the only reason we bought another set is because we both love to use them when we are in the garden together, no more fights over who get to use the best pruners!

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