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Chef's Choice Model 2100 Commercial Diamond Hone Electric Knife Sharpener

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Today’s fast paced commercial kitchens require an efficient, cost-effective and safety conscious system of cutlery maintenance. The NSF-certified Model 2100 is the perfect solution for quickly sharpening knives in a cost and time efficient manner. It's advanced technology allows anyone to quickly and easily put a razor sharp edge on all commercial cutlery and even sharpen serrated knives.

The three-stage Chef'sChoice® Commercial Diamond Hone® Knife Sharpener Model 2100 is fast and easy to use and creates a superior, longer-lasting sharp cutting edge that surpasses any other commercial sharpener. It will eliminate the need for costly and inconvenient knife sharpening services.

The unique edge geometry produced by theModel 2100's three-stage patented sharpening process (EdgeSelect®) can produce an edge with extraordinary "bite" for fibrous foods or a fine edge for precision cutting and slicing. Safe for quality knives, it never detempers the knife blade.

Easy To Use: The Chef'sChoice 2100 Commercial Sharpener is incredibly fast—at least two- to three-times faster than other commercial sharpeners. It sharpens the entire blade length of kitchen knives from the smallest paring knife to the largest chef's knife and cleaver in seconds. Built-in precision angle guides assure the correct sharpening angle and pressure and eliminate guesswork making it easier to use than any other sharpener.

In addition, the unit’s entire sharpening module, including abrasives and guides, can be removed quickly and easily for cleaning and sanitizing at the sink or in a commercial dishwasher: a crucial capability for today’s safety-conscious food service kitchen. The Model 2100 features a built-in “dresser” that keeps the polishing disks clean and glaze-free.

This rugged high-performance sharpener has been developed specifically for heavy-duty commercial kitchen use in restaurants, hotels, food service establishments, clubs and grocery chains. It is extremely cost-effective because it sharpens quickly, creates a longer-lasting edge (thus extending the time between resharpenings) and helps prolong the life of quality knives.

The Trizor-Plus™ Edge: Created using three sharpening stages, the Trizor-Plus™ Edge is an arch-shaped edge which resists folding and stays sharp up to three times longer than conventional hollow-ground or "V"-shaped edges. This special edge helps take the drudgery out of prep table and routine chopping chores because it combines the smooth cutting of a keen fine edge with the lateral cutting action of the microgroove facets.

The Trizor-Plus™ edge is a burr-free multi-bevel fine edge of hair-splitting sharpness with micro-groove flutes on the edge facets. The micro-grooves along the edge facets combined with the larger polished bevel provides an edge that cuts better and more evenly by distributing the cutting load, hence, the edge lasts longer.

The Trizor-Plus™ edge is created by the sharpening, honing and stropping stages comprising the patented 3-stage sharpening system. Conical rotating disks in Stages 1 and 2 feature 100-percent diamond abrasives to sharpen and hone the edge. Conical rotating flexible disks in Stage 3— the stropping stage—are made of a proprietary barber-strop-like flexible abrasive material.

How It Works:

Stage 1 is the first sharpening stage. Rotating cone-shaped disks plated with 100-percent diamond abrasives remove the old weak edge and create extremely fine "micro-grooves" on the facets on both sides of the edge, producing the first bevel of the arch-shaped edge at about a 40-degree total angle.

Stage 2: Even finer diamond abrasives on the conical disks in Stage 2 shape the second bevel of the arch-shaped edge; simultaneously creating even finer micro-grooves on the second bevel of the razor-sharp edge.

Stage 3: Is the honing stage where rotating cone-shaped flexible disks of ultra fine abrasives polish the edge creating the third bevel and a burr-free ultra sharp edge. These disks act much like a barber strop to finely hone the knife edge. The honing stage retains some of the microgrooves created in the first and second stages giving the edge remarkable "bite.”

In all three stages, flexible springs hold the knife securely in place against precision guides to ensure perfect control of the sharpening angle for each and every stroke. The diamond abrasive sharpening disks and the proprietary stropping stage will never detemper quality knives and removes only microscopic amounts of metal to resharpen the edge.

EdgeSelect®: The advantage of EdgeSelect® is that the user can customize the edge to give optimal performance depending on the type of foods being cut. For instance, when cutting fibrous foods such as pumpkin, squash or fibrous meats, the user may choose to sharpen the knife in Stage 1 followed by Stage 3 (only two of the three sharpening stages) so the edge has more ‘bite’ and can slice cleanly through tough fibers.

Or, the user may sharpen the knife in all three stages, stropping the edge to an ultra-fine flawlessly polished edge in Stage 3, so it glides through more delicate tasks such as filleting fish or slicing smoked salmon, where presentation is highly important. It produces predictably sharpened edges that reduce food waste, improve portion control and help create an attractive presentation.

Designed to meet stringent U.S. and European electrical standards and safety requirements, the Model 2100 has been engineered and field-tested for long life and high performance in the rugged environment of commercial kitchens. Enclosed in a sturdy metal housing, the quiet, continuous duty motor powers a stainless steel shaft and sintered stainless bearings. Sturdy high-tack rubber feet hold the sharpener securely to the work surface. The unit is compact (about 12 3/16-inches long by 5-inches high and 5-inches deep) to fit into even the most crowded kitchen. 

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