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Couteau d'office Victorinox Swiss Classic 3,25" - 6.7603

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C'est mon type de couteau d'office préféré : petit, résistant, bon marché, tranchant, facile à entretenir et quelque peu flexible. Quand j'étais à l'école de cuisine pour étudier la pâtisserie et la boulangerie, nous en avions tous quelques-uns et nous les utilisions pour TELLEMENT de travaux, y compris la préparation sans fin de petits fruits (tartes aux pommes, tartes aux fraises, etc.), et je les utilise toujours quotidiennement à la maison pour évider et couper en dés les pommes et autres fruits et pour couper le brocoli et le chou-fleur. Fortement recommandé... chaque cuisine en a besoin.

Customer Reviews

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It's no wonder why America's Test Kitchen ranks these Vic's as their favourite paring knife.

I just picked up a couple of these Fibrox paring knives, plus a couple of the Rosewood parers. Great little knives; easy to sharpen,,, great ergonomics,, I've also got a few "cheapies" that I picked up at Loblaw's (Maxi) for $2. each,,, but, there's simply no comparison. I'd like to see a few more versions of the Fibrox parers,,, such as a 2 3/4"straight", and a "sheep-foot" profile. I'd be all over those in a heart-beat. I have the 2 3/4" birds'-beak parer, and it's great.

Work 10 uses then throw away

These are big grocery shop isle or cashier checkout hanging items, often at 3-4$. Poor quality steel - certainly next to a VG10 paring, these are like plastic cutlery in precision and edge. they can be indeed sharpened with effort, and then it lasts 5-10 uses at best. By use I mean grapes, blueberries, butter and ever dense strawberries. Are these any good? not at all. Why does Victorinox still make them? good question considering the plethora of higher quality steels these days. I suppose 50 years ago these may have been WOW INOX, but now are like checkout hanging item of similar quality. Threw mine out.

Sorry, but this is an excellent knife for what it is. It’s a thin, flexible and very inexpensive paring knife. Out of the box it’s also plenty sharp. If you know of a VG10 paring knife that is thin and flexible and $10, please let us know! …it doesn’t exist because it’s a completely different beast: try to make a thin and flexible forged knife made of hard steel and it will snap in half right away. Some people might like thicker forged paring knives, but they’re not always as useful and this type of thin and flexible knife. And I’ve purchased the $4 versions at the checkout at the grocery store, they’re thicker and stiffer, not as good compared to this $10 Victorinox. But of course the steel isn’t super hard on Victorinox knives so it need to be maintained… please do not throw our your knives just because they need sharpening. For the knives I use at home on a daily basis (this exact paring knife, a hard stainless steel Misono UX10 150mm utility knife, and a very hard carbon steel 8” Moritaka chef knife), I hone them at least 2-3 times per week to keep them sharp. So having to touch up a cheap knife after 10 uses is not at all unreasonable. When your car needs an oil change, please don’t ditch it at the junk yard.

Andrew Taylor
Good Paring knives!

Excuse the two for one review here folks. I bought the Victorinox 3.25" Paring Knife - 6.7603 AND Victorinox Wood Handle 3.25" Paring Knife - 40100. I wanted to see if it was exactly the same blade but with a different handle. It appears they are not. Different finish at the very least. There may be slight differences in the blade profile and cutting edge geometry, but if there is it is negligible. Please take into consideration I am not a knife guy or a chef. Just average end user. Both of these knives are certainly better than anything you would find on the isles of high volume big box and grocery stores. I am putting together a set of the Rosewood knives and I glad I know have the paring knife The synthetic version is a sweet number too. And at this price-point I will likely pickup a few more of them in the future. Picture attached shows both versions of the Victorinox Paring Knives mentioned, plus the big Victorinox 10" Wood Handle Chef's Knife - 40021 for reference.

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