Opinel Tradition Knife, Beech handle, Carbon Steel, 12cm, #12

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This is THE classic Opinel! "Tradition" style pocket knife with a beautiful light beechwood handle. Features a quite large 12cm "Yatagan" classic shape blade and classic Opinel Tradition handle. Super sharp and strong carbon steel blade for easy maintenance of its razor sharp edge. The blade folds into the handle and includes the simple and effective "Virobloc" Opinel-exclusive blade locking device, to lock the blade safely and securely in the open or closed postion.

NOTE: a carbon steel blade, while easy to keep super sharp, and very retro-cool, WILL rust and discolour with age and if kept wet or put into contact with any acidic items. It's popular with outdoors people or people specifically looking to try a carbon steel knife, but I don't recommend it for kitchen/food use (cutting something acidic will turn it -- and whatever it touches -- black right away!). As with all carbon steel knives, keep it as dry and clean as possible, but accept the fact that it will NOT stay shiny -- it's part of the charm of a well-loved and "seasoned" blade (like a well-seasoned carbon steel wok).

Customer Reviews

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Artour Kitbalian
Very fun, a bit big - you've been warned!

Purchased the 12cm Opinel Carbon to use as a steak knife (plan is to get 6 of them total). It doesn't have the best feel in hand as a steak knife as it is a bit too big for that - and in fairness is not made to be one. However it makes for a great conversation piece and is unique enough.

Out of box sharpness is ok, but it really shines if you put it to a stone or two. The carbon blade is not too reactive - a patina did start forming early on but nothing to worry about.

The mechanism to lock the knife worries me a little bit as water can easily accumulate there and possibly cause rust, but long term use will show.

Overall, a very fun and unique knife to own!

Huge, sharp and well balanced.

It's an Opinel, it's tough, sharp and this n°12 is massive. I can cut so many things as if it was paper, very happy.
Also, it's very easy to hone and sharpen.

Excellent service, knife OK

Ordered and received this knife quickly and in a well-packaged manner. Very satisfied with Pauls Finest for service. The product itself (Opinel #12) needed some work - the blade needed to be lubricated at the hinge in order to open/close it by hand (otherwise, basically had to use non-marring pliers to get it open!); and the blade edge itself had some burrs left over from factory sharpening/grinding - I made quick work of that with my own sharpening/honing tools, but it was a bit surprising to see that lack of quality control from such a well-loved brand.
Overall, very satisfied with the order, but hope that Opinel pays a bit closer attention to their QC - not bad, and nothing that couldn't be easily remedied, but most people likely expect something that is perfect from the start.

Thanks for the feedback! With the handles being wood, the hinge does tend to loosen up over time, but yes, they can be stiff at first. As for the edge, also yes, I guess due to the very affordable nature they're not spending much time finishing them and they do often have some burr left, but a quick swipe on a hone or stone generally takes care of that.

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