Naniwa Sharpening Stone Sink Bridge

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This is a great device to make it easy and less of a hassle to set up your sharpening job. Instead of the bucket and 2x4 piece of wood setup that a lot of people use (with damp rags to steady everything), just set your stone (with or without stone base/holder) on the bridge and adjust the width so it sets snugly across your sink, plug your sink and fill partially with clean cool water and you're ready to go. Makes keeping the stone clean and wet easy by simply reaching down and splashing some water up on the stone as you work.

It is very well-made, of heavy-duty aluminum -- strong and stable. Fits stones between 200mm to 250mm (8" to 9.8") long (and just about any height or width). Fits sinks from 400mm to 550mm (15.75" to 21.65") wide (front to back). This can be used alone, or with a stone holder/base for the ultimate in convenience and stability. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

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Jim K
Very Solid base

The bridge is very solid and holds the sharping stone well. Makes for easy use. Paul's Finest was great to deal with, was informed every step of the way 5 stars

Joel Laviolette
sink bridge

This sink bridge is awsome !!
ive tried everything
towels 2x4s rubber matts tubs etc etc
this is by far the best wetstone set up yet
simple - solid - and works perfect
Plus i got it in 2 days after ordering

J. Gunn
Paul's the best

Make a sharpening station or use it over the sink. Stable and easy to adjust plus the end brackets are coated. I use the stone holder as well for extra stability and more hight plus it's softer on the stones than the metal bridge alone. Best prices and fast shipping, excellent and friendly service. Thanks Paul.

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