Japanese Flattening / Dressing Stone, 220 grit, Large

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Naniwa Fine 220 Grit Japanese Flattening/Dressing Stone, Grooved, 30cm X 15cm X 2cm

Over time, any sharpening stone will start to wear and the surface will become hollowed out somewhat, and so it will need to be flattened (also sometimes referred to dressing). This stone is made for this purpose. You can wet the surface and rub the stone gently over the top, taking off the high edges and making the stone flat again. You can also spread a small amount of silicon carbide "sand" (see below, under "related products") on the sharpening stone to help the grinding and smoothing. This is a very large and heavy stone so it's useful for even pretty large stones, and includes rubber bumpers for the ends to help steady it while in use.

For casual home sharpening, you might also consider the much smaller (and so more affordable, and easier to handle and store) smaller version of this same stone.

Warranty: 60-day warranty against manufacturing defects.

Customer Reviews

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L Williams
Flat makes a difference!

Love this product. Large area makes it very easy to use. Makes the stone flat in no time. Works well with both my Norton and Pride Abrasive stones. Having a flat stone to consistently sharpen with gives much better results
I find now I spend much less time on stone maintaining my knifes.

Paul Armstrong
Nice Big Dressing Stone!

The dimensions of this thing are clearly stated in the description, but I was still surprised at how large this dressing stone is. I love it! The large size provides plenty of real estate to move your stones around, while the entire face of the stone stays in contact with the dressing surface. It's also a good weight, so it will stay well planted on its rubber feet while you use it.
I used this to flatten a long neglected stone I've had for a long time and it's done a great job. I also bought some new Naniwa Super Stones with this, so will use it on those when needed. I'm super happy with this purchase.

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