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Maha PowerEx C9000 WizardOne NiMH/NiCAD AA/AAA WorldWide charger

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The MH-C9000 WizardOne Battery Charger & Analyzer from industry leader Maha PowerEX is suitable for casual home users, gadget enthusiasts and professionals. The C9000 is capable of charging, conditioning, analyzing, cycling, forming and discharging one to four AA or AAA batteries, all while digitally displaying the battery capacity and voltage. All four slots can be operated independently in different modes and settings -- it's like having 4 separate chargers in one!

A total of five modes are available, and you can select each mode independantly for each battery as you put it into the charger, so you can mix and match both batteries (any combination of AA and AAA) AND functions! The unit features a large LCD screen, backlit by ultra-bright white LEDs. Measuring over 3.5” by 1.5”, the display is more than three times larger than its closest competition and shows a wealth of information that is easy to read.

In addition to the standard charging, conditioning and discharging, the WizardOne charger-analyzer also offers two unusual operations modes: The “Break-In” mode allows the user to input the capacity of the battery and performs a “forming” charge designed to properly break-in new batteries.

There are ten selectable charging and discharging current modes from 0.2A to 2.0A and 0.1A to 1.0A respectively, making this charger compatible with virtually any brand and any capacity NiMH or NiCAD rechargeable battery. The charger also features four independent temperature sensors using Maha’s latest temperature rise detection algorithm in addition to the usual peak temperature detection. It also armed with additional patented termination algorithms found in other Maha chargers. The unit can be operated in a “basic” and “advanced” mode. In the basic mode, user merely needs to insert the batteries with no further key press. The charger will select the appropriate settings automatically, making it suitable for even the most non-technical users.

The WizardOne is also incredibly accurate. Using a quartz oscillator time base typically found in computer boards, it is able to report capacity within 1% accuracy making battery testing more meaningful. Includes a 3-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Manual, English ; Manuel, français

• PowerEx MH-C9000 Charger
• 100-240V 50/60Hz A/C auto-switching worldwide power adapter
• Instruction manual
Note: this package does not include any batteries.

Note: yes, these are all the absolute latest firmware. I always have fresh stock of these coming in on a very regular basis, so this is never an issue!

Customer Reviews

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VERY Nice Charger

Really like the display & the included diagnostics this Charger gives. Far better than the dumb Chargers out there. I have only started to use it so unfortunately do not have a lot of feedback on how well it performs. I currently have two batteries charging that were no longer charging on a solar light so this will be interesting to see if this Charger can bring them back to life. BTW, the solar light's charging circuit is still working as the new rechargeable batteries we installed are working as expected.

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