Idahone Ceramic Sharpening Rod, Fine, 10" (26cm)

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Fine ceramic sharpening rod, 10". Ideal for keeping Japanese knives honed to a polished and fine edge. This is a very fine hone, approx. 1200 grit, which is equivalent to about 3000 grit in the Japanese system. This is great length for all knives, including the longer chef's knives. Includes a quality black-finished wooden handle and steel hanger. Use this instead of a standard butcher's steel on your Japanese knives, it works better and is less damaging to the edge. Works great for standard European knives too such as Wusthof. Use it regularly to keep the edge sharp BEFORE it gets really dull. Also consider the Superaser to keep the rod clean and to make it last longer (eventually deposits from the blade will clog the ceramic surface so it won't be as abrasive). Made in USA.

Customer Reviews

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jordan benoit
Great Product

Ceramic is what I was looking for, perfect for a polished edge. Arrived very fast, Ceramic rod exceeded my expectations. Fair price. Would buy again.

The Perfect Gift

Great gift for a knife connoisseur. The Idahone Ceramic Sharpening Rod is the perfect addition to the sharpening stones. Keeping top-quality knives at their sharpest!
Paul shipped it out quickly, and couldn't be more pleased.

Mauro Quattrini
A must

This is my second Idahone sharpening rod, for home use, the other one I use at work daily. It is a must have to keep your knives sharp, a couple of strokes will make a big difference. A knife is safer and a pleasure to use as long as it is sharp and sooner or later every knife will need to be resharpen. This Idahone rod will keep your knives sharp longer before you will need to use a sharpening stone.

Fred Murphy
Another Great Tool from Paul's

Purchased on recommendation accompanying a knife previously purchased from Paul's. Another amazing tool from an amazing shop. Top quality, sturdy honing rod, great price and a great recommendation from Paul's Finest.

Great Tool

When I asked Paul about hone vs steel his assessment was right on the mark.
It's been a very useful tool to have in the kitchen.

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