Naniwa Flattening / Dressing Stone, 220 grit, Small

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Naniwa Fine 220 Grit Japanese Dressing/Flattening Stone, Grooved, 17cm X 5.5cm X 3cm

Over time, any sharpening stone will start to wear and the surface will become hollowed out somewhat, and so it will need to be flattened (also sometimes referred to dressing or lapping). This stone is made for this purpose. Just wet the flattening stone, wet the sharpening stone, and move the flattening stone over the surface of the sharpening stone until you have it level to your liking.

Warranty: 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.

You can see this flattening stone in action in our Beginner's Guide to Knife Sharpening video!

Customer Reviews

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Love it

I use this flattening stone regularly and love it. I might get the larger one in the future but this meets my needs for now and it was very affordable.

Excellent service

Been happily ordering from Paul for several years and always very satisfied. Shipped out super fast and well packaged. The product was exactly what I expected and is an excellent budget friendly option. Use it when your done and the stones are still wet, you'll be ready for the next session.

Flatenning stone

Works great ....good enough for my need and as suggested by Paul

Should have got the bigger one

I have yet to try this as my whetstones are new as well, however I failed to notice this is quite a bit smaller than the Shapton pro stones I also purchased. I can likely get it to work when the time comes but having a larger stone would be preferable.

You should give it a try! I (Paul) use this at home actually with all my Shapton and Naniwa stones and it works fine (especially considering the price) for my modest sharpening needs. I just put the stone to be flattened in the Naniwa adjustable stone holder, wet it, and hold the flattening stone groove side down and rub it in a figure-8 kind of motion over the stone and it does the job. For the price it won't match the bigger version or a diamond plate of course, but for getting started it's not bad and it's easy to handle and store!

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