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Moritaka Deluxe Gyuto Chef's Knife, 210mm (8.3"), Aogami/Blue #2 Carbon Steel, Octagonal Walnut Handle

A superb and razor-sharp carbon steel chef's knife, hand-made in the Moritaka family workshop in Japan. Great size for home or professional use. The blade is made of Aogami/Blue #2 carbon steel, with a permanent walnut handle and a stainless steel tang. These blades will quickly and easily take a super sharp edge and HOLD it like no stainless steel knife can. The walnut handle should be longer-lasting than the softer and lighter magnolia wood usually seen on traditional Japanese knives, and the stainless steel tang inside the handle will help prevent the pitting and rusting that can happen inside the handle if moisture gets in. The finish is kuro-uchi (black) with a lacquer coating -- this helps protect the steel and should not be polished off.

Edge is 50/50 bevel, so it is fine for left or right-handed use, and is easily sharpened with any stone or hone or gadget suitable for Japanese knives.

I really love these knives -- I'm sure you'll be thrilled and amazed by the quality, good looks, and high performance of these carbon steel blades, and what an amazing value! Comes packed in a nice box.

For regular everyday maintenance I suggest a fine Idahone ceramic hone (see below)

Note: The handle colour and finish will vary from dark to light, and imperfections are possible. It is made of natural wood, so this is normal and to be expected.

Weight of knife: approx 140g


IMPORTANT: Moritaka knives are very sharp and high-performance knives. To achieve this, the edges are ground very thin, and the steel is very hard. This results in a knife that is potentially fragile. As such, CHIPS OR CRACKS TO THE EDGE OR TIP ARE NOT COVERED UNDER ANY WARRANTY. It is the nature of such a knife that it is potentially fragile. If you are a beginner, not confident in your knife handling skills, or looking for an all-purpose knife, do NOT purchase this knife. I love my Moritaka and use it almost daily, but I only use it for precision slicing, dicing, and mincing (onions, garlic, ginger, boneless meats, etc.) as I’ve certainly chipped edges on Japanese knives over the years, so I know it's always a risk. It is important to NOT use a rapid up-down rat-a-tat style chopping motion (where you are smacking the edge down rapidly on the cutting board). While cutting also remember to use good controlled technique -- hard steel will not tolerate "tweaking" (any sideways twisting) and just like any hard material this can result in a chip or crack. You should let the knife do the work, and not lean down and apply pressure to the edge. Cutting surface is also important: only use plastic or maple, NOT bamboo, stone/granite or glass. I also only recommend using these knives with boneless meats and regular veggies (onions, garlic, ginger, etc.) -- never hard/tough materials like root vegetables (turnips, etc.) and certainly nothing where you'd hit a bone.

Finally, since they are made of carbon steel, do NOT try to keep the knife shiny. Think of it like a carbon steel crepe pan or a cast iron pan, which both benefit from a "seasoned" finish which will develop a natural yellowish discoloured patina. This is normal and will help protect the carbon steel from rusting. Do not leave these knives in a sink or sitting in water. After use, wash with warm soapy water, dry well, and store in a wooden knife block (do not store in a drawer or on a magnetic knife holder). So in conclusion, yes, this is a high-performance knife, but as with any high-performance tool or machine, this means it requires extra care and skill. A Ferrari will require MORE care, skill and maintenance than a Toyota Corolla, not less.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing vlue

My wife bought me one of these from Pauls Finest a few years back. It takes and holds an edge exceptionally well. The geometry is perfect for slicing meat as well as vegetables. It makes prep work a dream. I used to have my wife to some prep work when I cooked but now it's so fast, easy and fun that I do it all myself. If you buy this make sure you know how to sharpen a knife and care for carbon steel properly. Inspired by this knife I made my dad one from 1084 carbon steel. It's his favourite knife now over his Wustofs and Henckels.


What a wonderful knife. It truly is a work of art and a pleasure to use. The service provided was outstanding.

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