wusthof 4731 canada mincing knife mezzaluna
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Wusthof Mincing Knife (Mezzaluna), 7-inch (18 cm) - 4731

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America's Test Kitchen, when testing gadgets and knives to chop herbs, says "What do we recommend? [...], try a single-bladed, two-handled mezzaluna. It's not only effective, it's fun. And purchase one with a 7-inch blade rather than a 6-inch blade. The 7-inch really knows how to rock." And if you've ever seen a television show or book featuring Nigella Lawson (Nigella Bites, Forever Summer, How To Be a Domestic Goddess, etc.), then you'll know that she uses a version of this style knife for just about everything. While I wouldn't use it as much as she does, a mezzaluna ("half moon") is great for easily, quickly and safely mincing things like herbs, garlic, fruits, and even harder items like vegetables, etc.. Just grab both handles and rock away. You can use it on a standard flat wooden or plastic cutting board or in a wooden bowl or other rounded container where the blades will have maximum contact for super efficient use! When we were kids my mom used one like this to make her famous chopped chicken liver. Yum. But now that chicken liver is bad for us again (wait a week -- some scientist will say it's good again) I use mine for fresh herbs. Quality German stainless construction & quality for a lifetime of use!

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