Chef's Choice Model 500 Diamond Hone ScissorPro
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Chef's Choice Model 500 Diamond Hone ScissorPro

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Chef'sChoice Diamond Hone ScissorPro #500: For super sharp scissors all the time! The ScissorPro electric scissors sharpener uses 100% diamond abrasives and built-in precision angle guides for professional quality edges quickly and easily. Sharpens a wide variety of household scissors from delicate embroidery scissors to knife-edge shears, even poultry shears! Safe for quality scissors. No disassembly of scissors required. Can be used for left-handed or right-handed scissors. You'll never again have to waste valuable time and money sending scissors out for sharpening! One year limited warranty. UL/ETL and Canadian Approval. Assembled in the U.S.A.

FAQ: 1. The price of the ScissorPro® is high, why should I pay this? The ScissorPro is a precision machine that is designed to deliver unsurpassed sharpening satisfaction and is manufactured to last a long, long time. The price of a new pair of scissors can range from $10-$50, so it does not make sense to throw out dull scissors and buy a new pair. Professional sharpening services, if you can find one, and find one that will do a good job, will generally charge from $5-$15 per scissors. Less expensive sharpeners do not work, can harm scissors or leave them dull. This is the first sharpener ever recommended by professionals. It incorporates 100% diamond abrasives in a two-stage sharpening process, similar to that used in Chef'sChoice knife sharpeners. There is no scissors sharpener that will do as fine a job as the ScissorPro. 2. Is it safe for sharpening high quality scissors? Yes. You can feel safe sharpening your quality scissors with the ScissorPro. The unique double beveled edge created by the ScissorPro® will actually prolong the life of your quality scissors. 3. Will the ScissorPro cause excessive wear? No. The ScissorPro is designed so that it removes the minimal amount of metal, while producing incredibly sharp edges. Magne-Flex™ scissors guides hold the blade at a precise, predetermined sharpening angle and maintain the correct contact pressure between the blade edge and the Omni-Curve™ diamond disks. Your scissors can be re sharpened, as needed, without the fear of excessive wear. 4. Does the ScissorPro sharpen serrated blades? The ScissorPro is not designed to sharpen serrated blades. For scissors with one plain and one serrated edge, sharpen only the blade with the plain edge. (For example, kitchen shears.) 5. Does it sharpen curved manicure scissors? No. 6. How often should ScissorPro be used? The ScissorPro can be used as often as needed to maintain an incredibly sharp edge. In instances where the edge is damaged (for example, where the edge is nicked by accidentally cutting through a pin) it is critical that the edge be reconditioned immediately, before the nick damages the back of the other blade. 7. Are there any scissors which the ScissorPro will not sharpen? The ScissorPro is not recommended for pinking, scalloping or high-end barber/stylist shear or curved manicure scissors. 8. Who manufactures Chef'sChoice Model 500? The Model 500 is injection molded and assembled at the EdgeCraft Corporation, located in Avondale, Pennsylvania in the U.S.A. The company was founded in 1984 and currently manufactures many fine small kitchen appliances under the Chef'sChoice® brand.

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