Silver-3 Gin-San

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  • Sakai Takayuki Silver-3 Ginsan Damascus Santoku Knife, 170mm / 6.7"
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    This is a super beautiful, elegant and unique santoku! It features a silver-3 Japanese carbon steel core for unparalled performance and edge retention and maintenance, and this core is clad in corrosion-resistant ("stainless") Damascus steel. This means you have a high performance edge, with the beauty and stain-resistant qualities of the damascus steel. It is incredibly sharp -- a truly stunning knife!! The handle is a traditional wooden sushi-knife style with a real natural water buffalo horn bolster. Note: it's hard to take photos of damascus steel... the main photo doesn't do it justice -- be sure to see the detail photo for a closer look at the true beauty of this blade! Silver-3 is a unique and rarely used steel. It is made by the Hitachi Yasugi-works (the same source as the famous "blue" and "white" carbon steels), but this Silver-3 ("GIN 3") steel has 12% chrome so it is very stain-resistant (almost "stainless") but it is harder than most "stainless" steels and has properties similar to blue-2 or white-2 carbon steels. The downside is that this steel is expensive and difficult to work with, so knives made with it are rare and expensive. But what performance!! This knife is sharpened 50/50 for an even edge, so it will be easy to maintain and can be used right or left hand.

    Blade thickness (spine, above heel): approx. 3mm ; overall knife weight: approx. 140g

    This is handcrafted by Mr. Syogo Yamatsuga, and so is a unique opportunity to own something truly unique and one-of-a-kind from a Japanese master.

    Comes in a beautiful box.

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  • Sakai Takayuki Silver-3 Ginsan Wa Santoku Knife, 170mm / 6.7"
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    Sakai Takayuki Ginsan Wa series Santoku, 170mm (6.7"), ebony wood handle, water buffalo horn ferrule.

    This is an amazing knife. Really spectacular. It has the same octagonal ebony handle and real water buffalo horn ferrule as the high end sushi knife I also have in stock (from the same company), but the blade is made of the rare super hard and yet stain-resistant Hitachi Yasuki Silver-3 (ginsan) super steel, laminated to a more standard stainless steel on the outside (for more durability and toughness). The edge is super-sharp and is ground 50/50 so it's fine for right or left-hand use and can be maintained just like any standard kitchen knife. This is a truly beautiful knife that can still be used as an everyday knife since it has the familiar and handy santoku size and shape, and a more easily maintained standard edge. Highly recommended -- you'll be truly thrilled at this unique and incredibly high performance tool! I'd recommend the fine ceramic hone listed below for regular maintenance.

    Weight: approx. 160 grams. Comes in a beautiful gift box.

    Note: item/packaging may not be exactly as pictured. Each knife is handmade, and so variations and changes in lettering, handle, and box may occur.

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