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So what makes the Microplane graters so amazingly sharp and spectacular at what they do? In a regular grater, the cutting edges are formed by punching holes into flat or curved stainless steel or tin. Grating anything firmer than cheddar cheese is a real chore, and even soft items gum up the holes.

Microplane graters' tiny razor-like edges are formed by a totally different process called photo-etching in which holes are dissolved with a chemical, leaving edges that finely slice the food instead of tearing or shredding. It's like using dozens of tiny razor blades to slice your food. Oh, and did I mention that these graters are also MUCH easier to clean than old-fashioned graters? Yep, because these are precision made of high quality stainless-steel and plastic, they simply wipe clean.

5 reasons why Microplane graters are superior:

  • Razor-sharp teeth cut through even tough fibres with no clogging!
  • Ergonomic comfort: fast cutting action and a comfortable soft textured rubber handle make it a pleasure to use.
  • Durability: Top quality stainless steel means long-life and razor-sharp edges that stay sharp.
  • Versatility: Size, shape, and patented multipurpose blade design mean that a single grater size is much more versatile in what it can process than old-fashioned graters which are more single-purpose.
  • Easy cleanup: Just wipe or rinse. Most are dishwasher safe, but as with all sharp precision tools, I don't recommend this... a quick wash in warm soapy water will make them last longer.
  • Great Gifts! All Microplane graters come packaged in attractive and protective full retail packaging. A quality kitchen item will last for many years, giving your recipient a frequent reminder of your thoughtfulness as they prepare something as personal and meaningful as a good meal for themselves, their family, and friends.
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