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"Thank you so very much for your quick response and shipping of my order placed Sunday and received to-day, Thursday. WOW what great customer service. I will continue to shop via your web site with confidence and satisfaction.

Linda C. (Belleville, ON, November 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

Got the knives today - they are awesome! I'm so glad I went with the Hattori knives because they are great - and wow, sharp! Thanks again - cheers!

Ian B. (Hammonds Plains, NS, October 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

I picked up my package yesterday evening at the post office, and I felt that I should send you a note to let you know how I feel about your service. I researched batteries and chargers, and discovered that the PowerEx MH-C240W Worldwide Travel Charger was by far the best on the market, and that the PowerEx 2500 NIHM batteries were also rated as the best available. I called PowerEx to find out where I could find their product in Canada, and they referred me to you. I searched your site, found what I wanted, placed the order online, and was very impressed with your customer service. I placed the order on a Friday morning, within a few hours I received a personalized order confirmation email form you, and you had my order packaged and posted by the next day – a Saturday morning; that is service beyond expectation. I also received an email from Canada Post confirming that you had indeed mailed the order, and it included an expected delivery date. Again, great service, and this set my mind at ease knowing that things were going to be fine. You stock the best product, and provide an exceptionally high level of service. I will indeed keep you in mind for any future purchases of products that you stock, and I will pass the word along about how great your service is. Thanks so much for making shopping painless, and for making great products available at a very reasonable price.

Robert M. (Toronto, ON, October 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

Thanks as well to you Paul! My Wusthof knife set arrived yesterday, and I was able to pick them up at the post office today. They were well packed, you do a better job with newspapers than Amazon does with packing products. They are, as expected, beautiful. I believe that as Wusthof claims these may be the last knives I ever buy. I have to tell you, I was amazed to find such great prices on your site, and this was my chief motivation to purchase from you. However, I very much appreciated the meaningful comments and descriptions on your website from someone who themselves use and stand by a quality product. You can count on my recommendation to anyone in the market for quality cutlery.

André D. (Ottawa, ON, October 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul. I received my 10pc Wusthof Classic set last week and I am very happy with them. I would like to thank you for the great service you've offered. I found you site completely by accident when I was searching for a knife set. I'm glad I did.

Peter L. (Calgary, AB, September 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

Just received my box full of goodies (took 2 days, awesome). Can't thank you enough for your excellent service and professionalism. The 10" Le Cordon Blue is absolutely stunning. Kudos to you and your site, of which i will be referring numerous friends and co-workers to. Great knives, great prices, great service, what haven't you got, Paul? Anyways, a sincere thank you for your work and hope to continued success in the future..

Jeff Z. (Whitby, ON, September 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

I got back from my vacation in Greece a couple of weeks ago and just wanted to let you know that the Maha charger and batteries were fantastic. A pair of those 2500mAh batteries kept my Canon A510 happy all day long, even with the LCD screen on. The only time I ever had to use a second pair was when I was also shooting in the evening after shooting all day. Thanks again for providing Maha products in Canada.

George H. (Vancouver, BC, August 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

Hello Paul. [...] Your prices are lower than what it would cost had I ordered from the US, and delivery was far quicker too. [...] I hope your business continues to flourish.

Omar H. (Toronto, ON, July 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul. I received my Wusthof Under-Counter Swing-Out Knife Block this past Monday, on the precise day I was told it would arrive! Purchasing from you was a very positive experience. I had found the identical block on "[other]" website, another Canadian online store, but it was $90.00 plus gst plus shipping. [...] At $54.95 plus gst and $9.98 shipping, it ended up being just short of $30.00 cheaper. [...] Thanks very much.

Norma K. (Calbary, AB, July 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

My small collection started 30 years ago with the Henckels 8" chef's knife which remains as good as new and I only began to add to it 5 years ago from the Wusthof line. It's not often that one finds a product that will perform with excellence and last a lifetime. Congratulations for pioneering Canada's entrance into eCommerce. You give us hope that Canada can begin to offer the range of choices at competitive prices available south of the border.

Gar C. (Vancouver Island, BC, July 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

Just received my order this morning. I've charged the battery up and it seems to be working well in my camera :) Thanks for the quick shipment and for offering a great selection of products. I definitely look forward to doing business with you again. Keep up the good work!

Jeremy Y. (Surrey, BC, July 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi. Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome service. I just recieved my order today (June 29 - took just 2 days to arrive). My MAHA C204W charger and 8 batteries were well packaged and arrived in perfect shape. I am charging my first set of batteries as I write this email. Before I ordered I had researched AA battery chargers on the web to find the best one for my digital camera. The MAHA chargers seemed to be very highly recommended but I was frustrated in trying to find them here in Toronto. No one seems to sell them in the Toronto area and I didn't want to order from the US and pay customs charges. I found your website using a Google search and was amazed at your great prices. Thanks for your great service.

Chris C. (Toronto, ON, June 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul: Great Batteries. [...]So far the batteries work great. Thanks for the fast delivery and flawless service.

Alan A. (Mississauga, ON, June 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul. I've talked to you on the phone on Tuesday about your Maha charger, and a little about yourself and your business. I ended up ordering the same day and am very pleased to say that the package arrived at my house, in Summerside PEI, early this morning [Friday]. I woke up for work and to my surprise there it was by my door! Thanks for the great service! [...] Rest assured that I will be recommending your website to anybody looking for your line of products! Very happy in Summerside, Thanks again.

Denis D. (Summerside, PEI, June 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul. C204W with batteries arrived 24 hours after my order. Incredible! Charged without problems, I am already shooting with my new Canon S2IS. Thank you and wish you best of luck! Peter.

Peter M. (Kanata, ON, June 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

The sharpening steel [special order] arrived this afternoon safe and sound. Thanks again for everything.... I'll be sure to share this most positive experience with others.

Ken T. (Ottawa, ON, May 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

All I have to say is WOW. Delivery was so cheap and speedy and the items [Wusthof] are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I will definetely be back for more. Thanks.

Halifax, NS, May 2005 (Vanessa K.) , Jan 20, 2007

The kitchen scale I ordered last week just arrived. Not only was your price 1/3 less than that charged by local stores, it was well-packed, correctly documented, and the confirmation email I received after placing the order assured me that shipment would be prompt. Thank you for that excellent customer service." and I am really pleased. Thanks again.

Michael O. (Victoria, BC, April 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

You have the absolute neatest on-line store. Congrats. We wouldn't have believed this was possible even 5 years ago. The magic is in your research and solid recommendations.. helps people make up their minds. The product possibilities are endless in this crappy big box world we live in. [...] The merchandise is first class.. totally consistent with the claims on your web site, and I am really pleased. Thanks again.

Kitchener, ON, April 2005 (Mel C.) , Jan 20, 2007

I said: "The knives just arrived, so the entire order will be shipped out to you today. You should receive it towards the middle/end of next week (a bit slower than usual due to the holiday...)", and a few days later he replied: "Middle to the end of the week, my ass!! They arrived today before 4pm, and they are beautiful! Ooooh! Thank you Paul! We will be ordering Wusthof again, and only from Paul's Finest!!

Kitchener, ON, April 2005 (Paul H.) , Jan 20, 2007

Just a thank you note for the Maha rechargeable batteries received in perfect condition on Mar 21: I have started to use them and I am very excited to find out how much more running time I am going to get out of these NiMH. Keep up the good work with a great website and excellent products. I'll make sure to recommend your site to friends looking for good (actually, the Best) rechargeable batteries.

Burlington, ON, March 2005 (Jerome D.) , Jan 20, 2007

Service.......Amazing: Paul, I just received the knives today; exactly two business days from ordering them. I am impressed. That is service since I ordered them on the Sunday the 13th and it is the 16th. You were right; they are both exactly the way you described them in your email on Sunday. I can’t wait to use them today. Again it is a pleasure to have service like this and I WILL be buying from you in the future.

Halifax, NS, February 2005 (Dave S.) , Jan 20, 2007

I wanted to thank you for the service you provided in shipping a recent purchase I made. Everything was done so quickly, I received the knife yesterday (it had to wait at the post office in town until I could get someone to pick it up). I am very happy with the product and will not hesitate to both use your site once again and recommend it to others.

February 2005 (Shannon O.) , Jan 20, 2007

Not sure how big you're customer base is, but I for one really appreciate the quick, comprehensive replies. It's how I do business too, and I appreciate it when others take the necessary time to do things right. If people aren't buying from you, they're nuts!

February 2005 (Dwayne U.) , Jan 20, 2007

Paul: Just had to drop you a quick note to thank you for the superb service on my recent order. I submitted my order for 3 Microplane Graters late Monday evening (Jan. 24th) and they arrived in my mailbox at noon today, January 27th. Not 72 hours from finding your site to having the product in my hands! Incredible! Thanks again.

January 2005 (Bob L.) , Jan 20, 2007

Received the order today. I am very pleased with the service. The order was well parceled with no damage. The gift was a very thoughtful addition and indicates the type of businessman that I am dealing with. I will carry your card with me and do 'the word of mouth thing' as I have with e-mails tonight. My wife really enjoys the feel of the paring knife .....as we knew she would. Thanks again.

January 2005 (Richard A.) , Jan 20, 2007

I placed an order on January 4 late in the day for 2 Wusthof Grand Prix II knives - a Santoku and Paring Knife and received an email from Canada Post maybe one hour later informing me that the knives were in the process of being shipped. I received the knives on January 10 and they are in perfect condition and lovely knives. Many thanks. Incidentally, I did some comparison shopping online and your prices are better than anywhere else in Canada that I could find. I'll definitely be telling people about your business.

January 2005 (Grant S.) , Jan 20, 2007

This order arrived today and I cannot tell you how pleased I am! Both by your promptness and the quality of the knife [Wusthof Grand Prix II]]. This is the first time I've invested in a proper knife and it makes a HUGE difference. In fact, I've taken the plunge and ordered the matching Santoku knife. Having such superb tools makes cooking a pleasure, rather than a chore.

Claudia W. (January 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

Paul, I have purchased many thing over the net for quite sometime (including my first set of Maha rechargeables, the one I got from you is my third set). I'm blown away - I have not seen service (and speed) like yours. Prompt response and service and what seemed immediate shipment and delivery. Its like buying something from a neighbour - All things equal, you are the most efficient vendor I have ever dealt with. Problem is that not all things are equal - you were also the best priced. I will make darn sure my friends hear about you, which is the way I learned about PaulFinest. [...] Thanks."

Ramses M. (December 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

Paul - just wanted to thank you - the order arrived - I am very pleased with everything - just happened to stumble on your web site - and other than buying airline tickets this is the first time that I have purchased over the web - and it worked well! Everything seems to be in order - great doing business with you.

November 2004 (Jim S.) , Jan 20, 2007

Dear Paul: Thank you very much for quick delivery of my Wusthof, Santoku Grand Prix II Knife. It is absolutely beautiful (if one can describe a knife as beautiful). I looked around for a long time trying to find it retail, before I thought of looking online for it. Your site was very professional. I was impressed with all the detail you gave about products you were featuring. I like ordering from a fellow Canadian. Thanks again.

Carole M. (November 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

I bought my batteries and charger about a month ago, and it took quite a while to write this because the batteries just wouldn't die. The service was swift and effective, really I have nothing to complain about, I'm very happy with my purchase. Actually, a few days ago, the Maha C204W charger rescued some of my older batteries which seemed to be dead. Glad to see that the reconditionning fonction works because it will probabably take me a few years before I use it with the batteries I just purchased. If I had to suggest someone some batteries or a charger, definitively would be Maha and since you are the only dealer in Quebec, that would mean you. Great product, great service, great everything... Thanks.

Nicolas L. (November 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

Your package arrived today. I am impressed with your professionalism, demonstrated by your prompt delivery, well packaged shipment and good communication. Thanks a lot, pleasure dealing with you.

Graham L. (November 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

We received the knife and thermometer today - boy that was fast. To say my wife is very pleased is an understatement. It was a pleasure doing business with you and we look forward to future transactions.

David B. (October 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

I received the [...] knife today! Thank you. I'm very discriminating when I shop on-line. And then I limit my purchases to a few select sites that I've come to trust over time. Things I look for are: quality, security, cost, and customer service. Needless to say, some of these things are hard to determine until I make a purchase. I have to say that, based on this experience, that your site meets all my criteria. Your customer service is superb, the quality of the items remarkable, the cost reasonable, and the security reassuring. It is truly a pleasure to do business with you. I will not only visit your site again, but recommend it to my friends. Best regards.

Stephanie F. (August 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul. The Maha battery charger and batteries arrived today [...] Exactly as ordered. I couldn't believe it when I went to the mail box and there was my order. I would highly recommend you to anyone and will use your services again. Fast and reliable. I ordered stuff from Ebay in the US and it got held up in Customs. 2 weeks later I got a phone call about it and had to fax my Ebay account to show it was legit. When the parcel arrived and I set it up, I found it had been damaged when customs opened it. And now I received a bill from Customs to pay duty on it. I have not been impressed with the whole Ebay experience. So you can see why I was so happy when everything went so smoothly and quickly with no surprises. Thanks for everything.

Bruce K. (June 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

Thank-you Paul, I am very happy with my purchase of a Maha 401F charger and batteries from you. You quickly responded to my initial email and soon followed up with a second email letting me know it was shipping. A well packed box arrived with my goodies craddled in comfort a few days later. Great to see a Canadian dealer who is dependable, reliable and prompt. I would recommend you to anyone looking for similar items. A+.

Craig H. (June 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

Thank you very much for the great service, fast shipping and great knives. I'm very happy with them, I finally got a chance to use them yesterday, and they perform better than advertised. Thanks again, and I'll be sure to mention you to my co-workers.

Ivan C. (May 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

Paul, My order arrived this morning! Less than 24 hrs. is unbelievably fast service within the same town, yet this was from one province to another! Many thanks. Ken.

Ken M. (May 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

I just wanted to let you know that my [order] got here yesterday! You rate a 10 on customer satisfaction, as far as I'm concerned. I look forward to ordering from you again in the future. [...] I could see the extra care that you took in packing my order, and really appreciate it.

Autumn S. (May 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

I thought I'd send a follow-up note about how much I love the [items]. I've been baking with them for a few weeks now, and even when my bread hasn't tasted very good, it's certainly looked marvelous! Thanks again, and also for the wonderfully fast shipping; it's been a pleasure ordering from you.

Margaret C. (April 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi again Paul. Got my knife and mini grater yesterday. Your service is great, the knife is amazing, and the mini grater made great lemon zest for the martinis [we] enjoyed after work. I will definetly recommend you to anyone I meet looking for something you sell. Best regards, Rob.

Rob D. (April 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

Thanks, Paul. The batteries and charger arrived yesterday, well packed and in perfect condition. The charger seems to work well. Thanks so much for the quick, efficient and cost-effective service. Best regards, Alan.

Alan K. (April 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

I've used the microplane and hopper [slider attachment] (I feel like a farmer using words like that) the past two mornings to skrunch up my almonds for my oatmeal. Saves lots o' time over the chopping block, and it works like a charm. I'm impressed!

Louise S. (April 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul. I love my new Santoku; I used it as soon as I got it. It's awesome. Yours truly, Mark.

Mark W. (March 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

Hello Paul: I ordered 2 Microplane graters early last week and received them only 2 days later! I am seriously impressed with the speed of delivery and of course, love my graters. I had purchased a medium ribbon grater a few weeks earlier after noticing that many of the cooks on the Canadian Food Channel use them. It was the only choice that I could find in my area so I started searching on line and happened upon your site. I have subscribed to your newsletter and look forward to doing more business with you in future. Thanks Paul.

Chris M. (March 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul, Mirabile dictu!! I received the goodies a few minutes ago... it's a pleasure doing business with you. The enclosed gift was a delicious surprise. Very best regards.

Don A. (March 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul, just to let you know, the order arrived today -- only one business day! Anyway, everything was as expected -- thanks again for your help; I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know looking maha products, knives, etc. Thanks again, Mike.

Mike Q. (Feb. 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

Just want you to know that my wife and I LOVE our new knife. It is the most incredible knife we have ever used. I originally had a set of Henckel knives which Ann didn't like so she replaced them with an even more expensive set that I never liked, and now, thanks to you, we agree on what is the finest knife we have ever owned. It was actually quite funny at our house this past weekend. Throughout the weekend we were both constantly looking for food to slice. We ate super well, too, because we cut up pretty much everything we had in the fridge. Then we competed to see who could cut the thinnest slice of tomato, lemon, mushroom, onion... You can imagine the fun we had. And BTW, I was very pleased with the rapid delivery and the recycled materials used in the packaging of my order. Very well done, Paul. I will most certainly be regularly checking your site for more of Paul's Finest!

Tom K. (Feb. 2004) , Jan 20, 2007

Can't say enough good things about the Santoku Mom bought - and neither can my pet egret. I use it every day to cut up mullet to feed to him - with little effort it cuts cleanly through bone, skin, scales and innards like it was butter.

Chick Schwartz (Paul's Dad) (Feb. 2004) , Jan 20, 2007
Items: 251300 of 328, per page