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Dear Paul, The Wüsthof Culinar knives and stand arrived this morning. I am absolutely thrilled with how they look and how they feel in my hands. The sizing and shape is perfect for me. Now I'm finally experiencing the Wüsthof quality I have heard about for years. Using them today has been an absolute pleasure, and I love how they look in the stand. This set is going to turn eyes :-) Thank you again for your great service and super products.

Johann G. (Vancouver, BC, Feb. 2007) , Feb 26, 2007

Just got my pepper mill today [Peugeot], a short time after ordering. Thank you for the great service. I tested it, and it works better than I had hoped. I am no chef, I just like cooking for myself, but I do relish the flavour of freshly ground pepper, and now I won't have to grind and grind until the food gets cold to get my pepper satisfaction.

Jason D. (Biggar, SK, Feb. 2007) , Feb 26, 2007

Hi Paul, Mail arrived this morning at 9:15. Package received ok. I thank you for your quick delivery system. You get a 5 Star rating from me. Testing it out [Taylor 9305 Thermometer]. Infrared was instant. Probe has 4-5 seconds for final readout. Not instant but it is faster than my other 2 thermometers (25-30 seconds). Thanks again Paul. Will watch for new items on your site and will pass the addy around.

Rick S. (Timmins, ON, Feb. 2007) , Feb 14, 2007

Hi Paul, I thought this might tickle your fancy, though I'm sure you get plenty of these comments. (This quote is part of an email I sent to a friend.) "The only place to get the latest batteries in Ontario is in....Quebec! For two weeks I called every photo, hobby, and paintball place from Whitby to Hamilton to Newmarket and was amazed that what I read on the 'net was true. You can't get the newest batteries and chargers anywhere, for any brand. The stuff sold in the stores are older models sold at the same price (or higher) than what you will pay online for the latest gear." [...] The C401FS charger and the batteries are wonderful. It's almost stressful when the [camera] batteries last so long - I can't quite get used to it. The "spare" batteries have now been permanently assigned to other devices. Even my super-cynical friend, who calls you the "Ginsu knife guy", decided he now needs the WizardOne. Thanks for excellent service and an excellent product, at an excellent price.

Jeff O. (North York, ON, Feb. 2007) , Feb 13, 2007

I'm sorry to find out that you don't ship to the United States. I do love your website though, and upon your recommendation, recently purchased a Misono Molybdenum 180mm Santoku knife, and couldn't be happier. It cuts everything with ease, and is a pleasure to hold and to use. So I'm sorry I couldn't purchase it from you, but thank you so much for the great recommendation and all the useful info you put on your site! [...] Yes, that Misono is a great knife. I wouldn't have had the confidence to go with the lower priced Molybdenum line if you hadn't given it such high praise. I don't have the UX-10 to compare it to, but from my use of it so far, it is an excellent knife, and seems like a very high quality instrument. There's no other website I've seen that talks about the differences between knife brands or between different lines of a particular brand the way your site does. Other sites just give what sounds like a company PR line about the knives, not any sort of comparison or evaluation.

Sam M. (San Francisco, California, Feb. 2007) , Feb 13, 2007

Hi Paul, The Peugeot mills are here! Thanks for your quick responds to both my inquiry and order. The mills are very nice, I'm going to keep the Fidji for myself and have the Amiens as wedding gift. It was an excellent experience dealing with you, and we look forward to buy from you again.

Simon K. (Kanata, ON, Feb. 2007) , Feb 7, 2007

Awesome service Paul. My order was processed and shipped promptly, and it arrived at my door today at noon as promised. All items [Maha C401FS charger/batteries] seem to be in good order, and I hope to enjoy many years of trouble-free performance from them. Excellent job Bro! Way to keep the spirit of capitalism alive in Canada.

Warren L. (Mississauga, ON, Feb. 2007) , Feb 6, 2007

Hi Paul, Just writing to say thanks for all your helpful advice. The reverse-serrated knife [Wusthof offset serrated knife] is outstanding.

Jonathan S. (Montreal, QC, Feb. 2007) , Feb 4, 2007

To let you know I received my Salter 1450 scale yesterday afternoon. I appreciate your 5 stars service and professionalism. Very happy whith the product and still surprised I have put an order Monday afternoon and receive it 2 days later in Gatineau. Wow. Sylvain... A very happy customer

Sylvain F. (Gatineau, QC, Jan. 2007) , Jan 26, 2007

Hi Paul, Wow, ordered on Tuesday, delivered on Thursday. It doesn't get much better than that! Your products and service are superb! Many thanks [...] I wish you could teach the rest of the internet merchants how do business properly. Thanks for reminding me how life could be. It's been a pleasure.

Ian C. (Aurora, ON, Jan. 2007) , Jan 25, 2007

ATTABOY email of thanks: Paul, I am negligent in not writing this email sooner. I ordered the Maha c-9000 over the Christmas holidays. As soon as you were back I had my confirmation that it was sent and a link to follow up on the progress of the delivery with the post office. Everything was very smooth and delivered quicker than promised or expected. I am appreciative of the fine service. Thank you.

Barry L. (Milton, ON, Jan. 2007) , Jan 25, 2007

I recently ordered three Hattori knives from you. They arrived just fine, thanks. I just wanted to tell you that I'm very happy with them. I didn't realize that a knife could even BE as sharp as these things are. I was actually scared to use the paring knife at first. The fact that they're beautiful too is just a bonus. Anyways, thanks for some great additions to my kitchen.

Mark S. (Duncan, BC, Jan. 2006) , Jan 21, 2007

The order arrived today. The knives [Wusthof] are absolutely wonderful! I appreciate how carefully you packed everything and how quickly you shipped them out. It's so nice to find someone who knows so much about the product and who cares about the customer. I will definitely be back! [...] By the way, your website is incredibly informative. I was getting completely baffled trying to learn about knives from various other sites!

David W. (Toronto, ON, Jan. 2007) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul, I would just like to say I was very impressed with the fact that you responded to my e-mail within the hour and had my package out for shipping the same day. I ordered a week before Christmas and was worried I would not get the gift in time. Two days later the Misono knife lands on my door. Paul, YOU made my Christmas! Superb product, great price, and a good feeling of personal touch that is lacking from most online purchasing experiences. My uncle who is a Chef was so impressed with the craftsmanship of Misono that it was the talk of the 'kitchen area' all Christmas day.

Peter M. (Mississauga, ON, Jan. 2007) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul, My husband had ordered a Furi East/West knife for me on Sunday night and we've received it already, on Thursday! Thank you so much! And the knife is absolutely fabulous!!! I think my husband wants to steal it from me :D Thank you a million times over and Happy Holidays!

Joanna D. (Dec. 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Paul, I made my first purchase from you yesterday morning (Thursday), and received my knife at the door just a few minutes ago (2:00 p.m. Friday). I live in Ottawa, so I was quite impressed with your fast, efficient service. I also appreciated how easy your web site was to use. I would, and will, recommend you to my friends and family."

Mark M. (Ottawa, ON, Dec. 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul, I want to express my appreciation for your very prompt shipping of my recent order. I placed my online order late evening Mon, 27 Nov '06, and received it Thu, 30 Nov '06. You obviously provide a high degree of service to your customers. I'll recommend your web site to friends and family members.

Ken A. (Greenwood, NS, Dec. 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Thanks Paul! I wanted to let you know that shopping on your site is just awesome! It's the easiest, smoothest Internet transaction we've ever done. The checking out process is so clear and you can tell you've put a lot of energy into making it a satisfying experience for your customers. As you were pointing out, as Canadians, it can be particularly difficult or expensive to shop from American sites so your site comes as a pleasant and welcomed surprise. Congratulations and thanks for your good work! Can't wait to finally put my hand on that Borner I've heard such raving reviews about! Thanks again.

Carmella S. (Winlaw, BC, Nov. 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Hey ya Paul. I just received my Wusthof Le Cordon Bleu 9-inch as well as the knife protector and steel I ordered. Shipping time was great! The items where well packaged having no chance for them to move about. Oh and did I not mention the Chef Knife is a Dream to use! The weight is perfect for me, as I've tried the Classic series at a friends house and it's a bit heavy for me. It just cuts like no tomorrow unlike my old 9-inch Stainless Steel chef knife that couldn't cut anything if its life depended on it. I'd be sure to order from you again! Thanks again Paul!

Jordan L. (Toronto, ON, Nov. 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

I just wanted to tell you that I received my V-slicer and I am very happy with the product. A little history. I received a V-slicer, which if I remember correctly it was called a slicer-dicer, in the year 1975 as a wedding gift. I was my most priced possession. I used it on a regular basis. I must add the blades to this day have never dulled. My first slicer has now been handed down to daughter as she used it as often as I did. I can only hope that my new V-slicer will last half as long. I must admit you are the only one that sells that slicer and I could only go online to find it by it's name on my slicer. I just wanted to say thank you again.

Vicky M. (St. Thomas, ON, Oct. 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul, Wow! What a beautifully crafted and balanced knife the Furi [model 614] is! [...] it just feels so great to hold, I know I'm going to love it. [...] I can't get over how light the knife is. Unbelievably light, yet it feels absolutely balanced and natural! I love it. Thank you again. Are you thinking of expanding into other kitchen/cookware items? I would love to support your business in the future and will do so whenever possible.

Sandra A. (Milton, ON, Oct. 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Just wanted to thank you for your prompt service. I ordered a 4-pack of the Powerex 2700 mAh AA batteries this past Monday and they arrived today [Wednesday]. That is damn FAST! And they came well packed. This was my first purchase. Will definitely do more purchases in the future! Take care! :)

A.C. (Richmond Hill, ON, Oct. 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Thanks for all your help and great service for this excellent Wusthof Knife set. Beautiful craftmanship and quality, I could not be more pleased.

Rudy G. (Stoney Creek, ON, Oct. 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul, [...] The 2500's [Maha batteries] and C801D charger that you sold to me are great ... I have 6 sets of those batteries and truthfully, with 2000+ shots at a wedding (with 60-75% shot with flash), I rarely go thru all all of them. I also have 4 sets of the Energizer 2500's... they're not bad, but out of 20 batteries, I've had to toss 4 out as they stopped holding a charge. With the 40 or so batteries I've bought from you over time, well, they are still all in operation. I digress... I really appreciate you being the Canadian supplier of MAHA... I tell people about you all of the time! [...] I have also purchased "cheap" NiMH's off of eBay a few years back - they stopped holding a charge after 3-6 months so I had to toss those. Not good for my pocket book or the enviroment either. You really do get what you pay for. [See Roël's Africa book, with all profits donated to charities that support and assist AIDS victims in Africa]

Roël Dixon-Mahatoo (Toronto-Area Professional Photographer, Port Credit, ON, Sept. 2) , Jan 20, 2007

I've ordered from you several times in the past and I cannot get over the great service and speed of delivery. Thanks.

Marcel B. (Halifax, NS, Sept. 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Howdy Paul! I've been loving the Maha C401FS charger and batteries I bought from you a while back. I use a GPS for geocaching and driving and keep a spare set of the Mahas with me but have yet to have to switch them out on the road or trail - they hold their charge for an impossibly long time. A friend of mine recently bought a GPS receiver and I passed along your website to her with my highest recommendations. Best regards and I'll be in touch - I'll need some more batteries for all the devices I have laying around. :)

Chris P. (Montreal, QC, August 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Wow! My order arrived today and I couldn't be happier with it. I really didn't expect it to come so soon, especially since I ordered on the weekend and yesterday was a holiday. [...] I look forward to ordering from you again next time I need to add to my arsenal of kitchen equipment.

Andrew C. (Markham, ON, August 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

INCREDIBLE! I was at home this morning and I just received the two knives [Misono UX10 & Molybdenum]. Your service is fabulous. I was told to order the knives from a NYC store, but I will recommend to friends and others to visit your website store.

Phil L. (Ottawa, ON, August 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

By the way, the Misono UX10 santoku I purchased from you last fall has been cutting like a dream. It truly is a remarkable piece. Comfortablly light, perfectly balanced, and razor-sharp. [...] I think anybody that tries one will agree that the blade is worth every cent.

Darrin P. (Mississauga, ON, August 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

I just wanted to thank you very much for the awesome customer service that I got from you. In today's world it is so hard to get good service let alone someone willing to go the extra mile for you. I wanted to express to you that I really do appreciate what you have done. With your e-mailing me back so quickly, helping me with the order on a Sunday, sending it out Monday. That is exceptional service and hard to come by these days. [...] I will be ordering from you again for Christmas. : ) Thank you.

Mary-Lou B. (Edmonton, AB, July 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul [...] I wanted to say thank you. The order for my Maha PowerEx C808M came today and it works excellent. It was packaged well and shipped amazingly fast. I can tell from your comments on your site you are an honest, considerate person and our family really appreciates that. Thanks for being you. Namaste. Steve.

Steve Q. (Mississauga, ON, July 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul: WOW... Colour me IMPRESSED!! If only all the other web-based vendors were as clear and informative on their pages, fair in their pricing and fast to ship - I'd be shopping online way more often! [...] Thank you for the great service and easy access to a great product I needed. I wish you every success in growing your business... and rest assured I will be an ambassador for PaulsFinest to everyone I meet [...] Thanks again.

Grant W. (Richmond Hill, ON, June 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Paul: I recently ordered Hattori HD-7 8.3-inch/210mm Chef's Knife from your web site. I wanted to thank you for a great experience and that a great Canadian has taken obvious pride in such a fine on-line store. I will most definitely be back for future purchases and recommend my family and colleagues!

Andy L. (Mississauga, ON, May 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

I would like to thank you for the efficient and speedy response to my order. My waiting time was less than 24 hours and the system [Furi Tech Edge Sharpening System] arrived in good order and has already proved to be an excellent purchase. It is nice to have the opportunity to deal with what seems to be a well-organized Internet business. I hope that your organization continues to be successful. I am sure you do not need a fan letter, but I send it anyway, in good faith.

Douglas C. (Toronto, ON, May 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul; I received my charger and batteries yesterday and everything is perfect. Thank-you for your quick, professional service! I would highly recommend your company to others.

Calvin M. (Riverview, NB, May 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul; Just a note to let you know the item arrived today safe and sound. Very happy with the product and the great service. Your prices are the best that I have seen. I belong to a Ham Radio Club and will be telling the members that if thye want Maha products to buy from you. I have you book marked for future items. Thanks again.

Gordon M. (South Slocan, BC, March 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Thanks for shipping the order so promptly. It arrived today, and I am VERY happy with the knife [Hattori HD-5 Santoku]. Now I just need to make a new knife block... Awesome service and great products. Thanks again.

Jonathan A. (Victoria, BC, March 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul, [...] Your service and products are exceptional. In fact, I wish all the people I dealt with professionally (I am a professional photographer) were as attentive as you are! Thank you once again for another great experience.

Roel D. (Port Credit, ON, March 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Hello Paul: It [Hattori HD-5 santoku] arrived today - I love it when a web purchase exceeds my expectations - fantastic. You were very honest about the condition, maybe even a bit more critical than required - but as a consumer, hey, I want that, that's what leads to point 1.

Steve D. (Nepean, ON, March 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Dear Paul, I received my Wusthof Santoku knife last week and it arrived faster than any purchase I have ever made on-line to date. I was blown away with your fast and efficient service; it was surprising to see, within a couple of short hours after placing my order with you, that Canada Post had sent me an email indicating that they had already processed the item I ordered and that I could trace it's delivery. It was even more surprising to see the thing arrive at my door a mere 4 days later. Stunning! [...] Thank you for your very wonderful service and fabulous product Paul. You can be assured that I will return to build my knife collection and I have already started to spread the word about 'Paul's Finest!' Thank you again.

Angela H. (St. Albert, AB, March 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Just wanted to let you know that we've played a few gigs, and the batteries [9.6V PowerEx] are working fine in both of our guitar wireless units. We had to make sure they were cycled a few times first though, as the first time the charge ran out quickly. Now they hold a charge for about 4 hours, which is comparable to a duracell alkaline (so there'll be some future $ saved there!) FYI, my wireless is a sennheiser ew100, and the bass player's is a shure guitarist model. Thanks again, Dave.

Dave M. (Guitarist and Vocalist for Hamilton ON based Solemn Oath, Januar) , Jan 20, 2007

Just want to say what a pleasure to see an enterprise like yours. I just ordered the Wusthof Grand Prix II last night for my wife's birthday. I came across your business last year in my search for a solid and reliable set of rechargeable batteriers and related charger (the Maha PowerEx C204W). I like the idea that someone like yourself who is both enterprising AND passionate about what he chooses to sell is making a living. I, like you, tend to do considerable research in acquiring stuff and find all too often, again like you, that the global village isn't always what it's made up to be when it comes to distrubution and availability of quality products in the Canadian market. You've obviously identified a niche and have taken the step to rectify the situation [...] Good for you! [...] By the way, hope your quest for fine products extends to new items. I'll be checking regularly.Again, hat's off to you, and continued good luck. If you expand with growing success, try to retain as much as possible the spirit of your current business. For instance, sharing your honest opinions about what's really needed and not is greatly appreciated.

Philippe B. (Ottawa, ON, January 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Thank you for your excellent service...the order arrived today. I was particularly impressed with the way you do business, starting with your most interesting and informative/helpful website. It was a fun experience.

Paul L. (Calgary, AB, January 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Hello Paul; I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to note how impressed I am with both the speed of delivery and quality of the goods you sell [Wusthof]. This has been my second purchase from you and I couldn't be more pleased. I've recommended you to several of my friends and family and I look forward to buying more from you in the future. Thanks again.

Jeremy V. (Toronto, ON, January 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Paul; I did get the knives just before Christmas. Thank you for all your extra effort to help me out. They are wonderful and have been well used over the Christmas holidays. Thanks again for your excellent customer service.

Peter O. (Vancouver, BC, January 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

Thanks so much for your note - we picked up the knives yesterday. We are very happy with the knives (and the price) and your personal touch and quick service made the experience great! [...] Our order was the start of our knife set, we want to complete it and add more as we get used to it and see what we like/dislike. [...] We were both really happy with the whole experience, and we look forward to our next order.

Paul P. (Oshawa, ON, January 2006) , Jan 20, 2007

[...] I'll just let you know that my order arrived today in good condition. I am very happy indeed with the knives. My previous paring knife #4066 from Wusthof has lasted 30 years and is ready for retirement. I am also very pleased with the prices and should I need to expand my collection, I will certainly be checking back with you. I will also be mentioning your website to any of my acquaintances in need of kitchen tools. Thanks for your prompt attention to my order.

Terry A. (Prince George, BC, December 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

Hi Paul, I placed this order on behalf of my wife, and we just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the qiuck service you provided and how easy it was to order. I believe it was only 4-5 days to get the order. I have not used the knife [Masahiro Saijyou Yanagiba] yet as it is a Christmas present from my wife, but I did take a look at if for "quality" purposes. :) I am a knife enthusiast and am very impressed with this knife! What a beautiful, yet simple looking knife. I cannot wait to use it. OR should I say I can't wait for the challange of learning how to use it! I will surely be purchasing other knives from you in the future. Thanks again.

Patrick B. (Edmonton, AB, December 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

I rec'd my order today and very happy with your service. I will certainly refer you to my friends and family. Ordering online is the way to go especially being from the North. Thank you.

Hilda G. (Fort Simpson, NT, December 2005) , Jan 20, 2007

Heya Paul - picked up my Misono on the weekend. It's better than I could have hoped. Thanks a bunch, and thanks too for the great service! I'll definitely keep you in mind as I expand further on my ever-expanding collection.

Darrin P. (Mississauga, ON, November 2005) , Jan 20, 2007
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