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AMAZING!!!!... thats about all I can say about Paul and his great company... I ordered a Misono UX10 9.5" chef's knife on monday afternoon, and received it on wednesday!!... so quick, and hassle free... It was more of a pain to actually get the knife from the concierge of my building.... and the little post-it note on the invoice saying thanks....little gesture, but it means a lot...I am one VERY satisfied customer, and will DEFINITELY shop here again!..Thanks once again!

Richard Singh , Aug 7, 2008

Paul, I am very impressed by your accurate and fast service. The Maha MH-C9000 charger and NiMH cells that I ordered on-line at around 8:45 am yesterday (Wednesday, July 30) arrived at my door via the Canada Post Expedited service in Toronto a little before noon today! BTW, I found your name -- as a store that sold the Maha MH-C9000 in Canada -- in an Amazon.com customer review. Thanks, again. I shall recommend your name to others.

Ravi W , Jul 31, 2008

I just received my Wusthof Culinar Cook's Knife, (4.5-inch) and it is just what I have always wanted. I wish I had seen this knife months ago. It has a great heft and I look forward to using it for many years to come. I really enjoy dealing with Paul as he knows his business and will say up front that he hasn't used a knife when many would be vague about using a product just to make a sale. I will be sure to buy from Paul the next time I am in the market for one of his products. Thanks again!

Mary , Jul 21, 2008

I Ordered the powerex batteries on a Saturday. To my surprise, Paul sent the package to the post office that day. I received my shipment the following Tuesday! Shipping was extra fast and the notifications of orders were very prompt.

Tim , Jul 15, 2008

Excellent knife, service, price and website. What more can you ask for. Thank you.

Penny , Jul 8, 2008

Hi Paul, I got the charger today! Surprised me! Much faster than i thought! The charger is great! Thank you!

Yite , Jun 20, 2008

I just received my Wenger EvoGrip S557 and it is amazing! The knives, little saw and scissors are incredibly sharp. Just love it. Paul is an excellent resource if you are needing knives (for example). I have bought from him before and will again. Great prices and super fast delivery. thanks again Paul, regards, m

Mary , Jun 20, 2008

Paul, I was absolutely blown away by your commitment to customer service and professionalism in business. Everything was completed quickly and efficiently, including the shipping (which does not happen very often when purchasing items online). I will be sure to recommend your services to anyone searching for what you have to offer! Thanks again.

Mitchell Man , Jun 16, 2008

I purchased a 9''Wustoff Classic Ikon chef knife. I'm impressed! the blade stays sharp and the shape of it is good for everything from splitting squash, to fine dicing shallots. It makes mundane tasks like dicing up mirepoix much easier. all in all I think this knife rocks!

Jeff Turley Sous Chef (Rics Grill Edmonton Alberta) , Jun 10, 2008

I won't bother telling you how great Wusthof knives are, you probably already know. But the service! I placed an on-line order (from Toronto) April 7th at 11:00am and had my knife when I came home from work the next day. Now that's fast. (I guess Canada Post deserves some of the credit, but still...)

Robert , Apr 9, 2008

I ordered a Maha battery charger from Paul and after incredibly quick delivery, fired it up to charge the D cells that I had also bought from Paul. The charger would not bring these cells to full charge. To make a very long story short, Paul replaced the charger, the batteries, worked with Maha and finally determined that Maha's claims for that particular charger were mistaken. Paul replaced the charger with another model, with no additional cost and went out of his way to make my case with Maha. It's great to see that excellent customer service is still offered by a Canadian seller. Thanks, Paul. I'll be back.

Grant Wilkinson , Apr 6, 2008

Put my order the 7 just got my knifves on the 10 ..... Really impressed , thanks a lot paul ! Nice packaging and every is perfect ! Really good job , i will order from you again !

Guillaume , Mar 11, 2008

After some effort to dispel the lingering myths from the 1980's about rechargeable batteries, I bought a MH-C204W charger for the office. It is so simple and reliable that even my most technically-challenged co-workers have no problem. I plan to eventually replace all disposable AA and AAA batteries in my department with rechargeable. We're going to save bundles of money for sure. Thanks again, Paul, for the great products, reasonable prices and speedy service.

Chris R (University of Ottawa) , Feb 21, 2008

Paul Many thanks. My wife complained one day about her "crappy knives" which she had for years and hated for years. So, I went on line and ordered from you. She was skeptical when I told her that I had ordered knives, but in the end was extremely happy with the selection. For anyone looking for a great gift to give, order a couple of great knives, the recipient will thank you for years. Delivered without a hitch. Thanks. Dirk

Dirk Lever , Feb 18, 2008

Your service is excellent.I ordered the Wusthof Classic Ikon Santoku knife.It arrived in 4 days.Very professional product from a very professional supplier.Thankyou Rob.

rob bilkoski (Brokenhead Sausage) , Feb 9, 2008

I would have to say that Paul's product knowledge is second to none. I'm a stickler for research and I truly believe that the Misono UX-10 series should be regarded as a top choice among industry professionals. I too work with the UX-10 Santoku and it has truly been my best kitchen tool purchase to date. Thank you for a superior product and service !!

Garret Mitchell , Jan 18, 2008

I ordered my powerex batteries and charger on Monday and I received both on Thursday. Super fast shipping! Thanks Paul! I look forward to dealing with you again.

Eugene T. , Jan 17, 2008

Bought the Maha C9000 charger from Paul. It is AMAZING. I am a professional photographer and carry about 40AA rechargeable batteries with me to each shoot. After a season of use, battery performance dropped significantly. I was just about to buy a new set of 40AA for about $150 and throw out the old ones, but then I thought I'd give this charger a try. WOW! This charger restored factory performance on ALL of them, it's like they are brand new! Buying this charger SAVED ME almost $100! And as a bonus, prevented 40 batteries from becoming environmentally bad waste. It's so awesome I bought two. And Paul is the epitome of the "Finest" customer service around. I expressed concern that Canada Post delivered my EXPRESS order significantly late. Paul contacted CP, got a refund for the shipping, and mailed me a cheque for the shipping charge. Paul is an absolute gem in this age of poor, infuriating customer service. I thank you for all your help!

Lloyd (Night and Day Photography - http://www.nightanddayphoto.ca/) , Jan 11, 2008

I just purchased a Mighty Mac 9.5" Chef knife from Paul. I live in Montreal and therefore was able to pick-up the item and save on the handling (10 minutes from downtown). I shopped around and his prices were 35-50% cheaper than any store in the city. I plan on purchasing one knife ever few months or so. Very happy.

Kaunteya Nundy (Joe Beef) , Dec 29, 2007

Thanx Paul!!! Got the charger(MH-C808M) and the batteries I`ve been dealing with batteries and chargers for many years for RC stuff and this is one of the best chargers I`ve ever seen. Can`t beleive ve you got me my charger and the batteries, in 2-days, before christmas!!(including ordering and delivery!!!)at your busiest time of year Your site rocks! everything you say and more! Best of luck I will definately be back for more

Serge , Dec 28, 2007

Paul, The Misono UX10 knives I ordered arrived today. Thanks for the fast shipping. I opened the box and could not believe my eyes, These knives are absolutely amazing. The craftsmanship is second to none. I absolutely love them, and will definitely be ordering more. They are worth every penny and then some. Thanks so much!!

Brad M. , Dec 20, 2007

Paul and his Company have the unique combination of old fashioned values, authentic salesmanship, a devotion to each and every cusomer and the SPEEDIEST service on the planet ! This is something that we , the consumer , need / should to return to .....as Paul practices the time honoured tradition of passion for all the products he sells. Thank you again Paul for all that you do ... a second order in as many weeks . Peace .... Dani

Danielle , Dec 14, 2007

Received my order yesterday. Excellent service and fast shipping. The knives were to be a gift but "I am in love" (they are just beautiful- especially the MAC ). Needless to say I cannot part with them , so I am placing another order in today and I am sure it will not be my last. Thankyou!! Shannon-Ottawa

shannon-ottawa , Dec 14, 2007

I had such a great experience as a first time buyer here at Pauls Finest. Paul stocks great products which are harder to find elsewhere and his prices are better than stores that do stock items found on this site. Customer service is also top notch and the personal touch is great. I will definitely be returning soon.

J. Cheung , Dec 12, 2007

Hi Paul: This is not a testimonial but just a thank you for finding a way to carry the Mac knives again. Apparently the Canadian distributors don't like to ship to their retail outlets either. I ordered a knife from a local store over a month ago and I am still getting the run around regarding shipping. The store owner, has called the dealer right in front of me with promises of delivery right away. The last time I was in was Friday, November 30 and I was promissed the knife by Tuesday. It has not arrived. Unfortunately this store is loosing a sale. I don't like to do that because she has a wonderful store and it isn't for her lack of trying. I bought my first Mac from you and was extremely happy with the service. I am now buying for my son who loves my knife and loves to cook. I like to encourage that in a man!! Again, many thanks. Chris Moore

Christine Moore , Dec 6, 2007

My purchase resulted in the best online experience I have ever had. Customer service was excellent and shipping was very fast.

Mike , Dec 5, 2007

Hi Paul! My order arrived quite a while ago in the usual fine condition from your origin. And all the products live up to and beyond expectations. Your recommendations were very helpful. The two little Maha NiMH AAAs rated at 1000 mAh were charge formed in the Maha C9000 to 939 mAh and 917 mAh. Quite excellent for a first charge. The Misono Moly 5¼" utility knife outperformed the blade it replaced in all respects. I will be getting more Misono steel. The Chef's Choice diamond sharpener has been phenomenal in putting fine edges on both quality and junk knives. The latter won't retain the keen edge for long but it is handy to use up lesser quality blades with quick resharpening.

Erik V., Calgary , Dec 3, 2007

Hello, : It was such a pleasure to locate Paul's Finest and even a further pleasure to do business with him. I was searching for "moustache scissors" for my husband , not an easy find . I had no idea where to start looking , what was a good price and so on. After doing some research on the Internet and phoning around town, I quickly began to realize that I wanted Wusthof as the brand. Sales people in the shops/ malls did not really understand what I wanted nor were they interested or invested in the product...... a sad fact of life today ... AND they couldn't explain the beauty of these scissors. In the past, I have sent people e-mails asking questions , on ebay, other companies etc., some would reply , some not, some did not want to be involved with the extra shipping / paperwork. THEN I found Paul's site .....there was no turning back . Paul was willing to go the extra kilometer / mile , he answered promply and provided all the information that I needed to make my desision . It was a breath of fresh air in an environment full of poor salesmanship and people who are not passionate about what they sell and use. Paul was extremely professional , principled, and absolutely responsible ...., my scissors arrived so quickly it was hard to believe !! They were VERY well priced and packaged . Most people do not pay a lot of attention to packaging , I do as I used to ship candles, so I know when someone has taken the proper time for me. Also , I believe it is very important for the consumer to support a business like Paul's ,as he says "best products, at Canada's best prices " we as Canadians need to be mindful of who we are supporting. There is no doubt in my mind that I would highly recommend Paul as he practices values in his company that I as a consumer am now looking for . He is not just selling knives or scissors, he has a passionate purpose. Paul was a joy to do business with and I wish him all the best in his future endeavours . p.s. even though we were thousands of miles apart , it felt like he was across town..thanks again Dani

Danielle , Dec 1, 2007

I was having no luck finding a bread knife that could handle the crusts of the hearth breads I bake in my wood fired brick oven. Paul of Paul’s Finest knew the problem and had just the right Wusthof knife for me [Wusthof Gourmet Serrated Super Slicer, #4517] at a fine price. Now, thick or thin, I get the perfect slice every time. The service was quick and courteous.

Jim Wills (Mary G’s Artisan Breads) , Nov 23, 2007

I recently bought two knives and a scale from Paul. I purchased the Misono UX10 santuko knife and couldn't be happier. I also purchased the Wusthof Le Cordon Bleu 10" french knife for a friend. I'm a professional cook with a backround in engineering and manual labour, so I have an appreciation for workmanship and quality. I've put many a tool through tests of endurance that truly test their mettle. The UX10 is what I expected and more. After i used a sandstone to put my own blade road and edge to the knife, I've never dealt with something this sharp before! I've already dropped it tip down on a tile floor, and cut through the bones of farm-raised guinea hen without damage to the blade (even after i put a super-thin edge on it). Peeling super-hard squash skin it did effortlessly without feeling stress in the blade. Paul was amazing to deal with. Very friendly and helpful. I picked up my product in person and in conversation discovered that he is excited and passionate about food, baking in particular. Deals honestly with people and offers quality product which is a sigh of relief these days. I'll definately be a return customer. Looking forward to those pizza stones you plan to get in Paul!

Curtis Vargo , Nov 5, 2007

Excellent service, and fast shipping, my friend beat me to the review, I recommended the Maha charger to him since we have a lot of electronics, besides he who dies with the most toys wins, and this is a BIG winner.

KSL , Sep 24, 2007

Thanks Paul for the excellent products and fast shipping.. I am joining a cooking club called Les Marmitons and am looking forward to using my new knives!

Dave Pickrell , Sep 24, 2007

Great service. My neighbour reccommended me to your site after he bought a maha charger with batteries. I recently bought a new dig camera which uses 4 AA ,so I was in the market for a charger. I bought the c8oos, and ordered it on a sunday and was shipped out by monday. At first I thought it was too much to spend on a charger but after reading what you said about nimh batteries and their issues, this is money well spent. Thanks for the great service Paul. SRM

srm , Sep 20, 2007

I can't say enough about the excellent service I received from Paul. My Maha charger arrived in Halifax in less than two days! I was provided with a tracking# and I received several updates from Canada Post as to its location. It arrived well packaged and in good working order. I'm in the customer service industry myself and I must say, this is how I would run my own business if I chose to have one. Well done Paul! I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Rob DeBay , Sep 6, 2007

Amazing fast shipping. Ordered before midnight, sent the next day and received in 2 days(Ontario). The Wusthof knives have been working great! Thanks.

VL , Sep 2, 2007

A belated note of appreciation for prompt service and sound shipping of good products. The C9000 was promptly put to work breaking in the dozen Maha 2700s. (My Nikon cameras both take six-pack AA cells) and after that reconditioning a dozen Optex 2500s starting their 3rd year of service, now as backups (still averaging between 1600 and 1800 mAh) as well as NiMHs for the electronic flashes. The PowerEx charger does a better job and leaves me with a far better understanding of the precise state of my rechargeables, as attested by the 11 older cells in the disposal bag. I especially appreciate the eight-cell PowerEx case enclosed with the order. It is more handy for the six-cell B-set backup for my primary camera, than two four-cell cases. I've been keeping my friend [...] in Edmonton up-to-date on the C9000's performance, and you will likely see an order from him one of these days. [...] He was also impressed with your site and your knives. In appreciation, Erik.

Erik V. (Calgary, AB) , Aug 23, 2007

Thanks for the Wusthof chef's knife and sharpening steel, Paul. All arrived safely and extremely quickly. Cooking - especially the challenge of getting through my weekly organic vegetable half-basket - just got a lot more attractive! Super service, I will recommend you when I get the chance.

Martha, Montréal , Jul 20, 2007

Paul, thankyou for the speedy delivery. I just want to say, The Masahrio virgin carbon steel has proved to be a much better knife than I ever expected. The feel is very soild, yet light weight and, balanced. The edge holds beautifully after two weeks or full time kitchen grinding and must I add is also much easier to sharpen compared to the VG-10 gold Kasumi knives I use to own. This knife easily out performs all stainless steel and matches the preformance of knives double the price. As much work as it is to keep carbon steel clean and dry at all times, the results are well worth it. An excellent value knive I recommend to all professionals with clean discpline work habits.

Montgomery Lau (Diva @ the Met) , Jul 12, 2007

Maha charger set was ordered on Sunday, arrived on Tuesday, in use by Thursday. Great product, great service, will use again soon! Highly recommended!

Alex Welsh, Toronto , Jun 30, 2007

When I first placed my knife order quite some time ago, I was very impressed with the quick and helpful replies and the speedy delivery. I needed some cusotmer care assistance today, and I have NEVER been so impressed with the service I was given. Paul's Finest is a stellar vendor and I will be recommending his site to friends and family. Thank you, we will be back!

Nicole Kavanagh , Jun 12, 2007

Hi Paul, thank you for coming through when I needed fast service. Delivery was fast and this Salter 6055 scale is the exact product I have been looking for but could not find locally in any of our Toronto stores. Keep up the excellent work and your attention to those small details which makes Paul’s Finest our preferred place to shop. Regards Roborganic

Rob (Roborganic) , May 19, 2007

Thanks Paul!!! I received my 10' Wusthof Chef Knife very fast and it is a beauty!!! Thanks again, this service left a good taste in my mouth!!

Shawn S. Richmond Hill, ON , May 3, 2007

I recently did a lot of research looking for the perfect Santoku knife. After being ignored at my local knife shop, I decided to shop online. I found exactly what I wanted at Pauls Finest, at a price much lower than the knife shop. And it was delivered in 5 days! Thanks Paul! I will be a repeat customer.

Rob , Apr 28, 2007

Hi Paul: Both items arrived promptly, and I love my new block and fillet knife! What a great way to shop. Thank you for the excellent service.

Donna P. (April, 2007) , Apr 26, 2007

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the batteries and charger are working great! Those 2700mAh Maha batteries are amazing!

Colin C. (Mt. Uniacke, NS, March 2007) , Mar 28, 2007

If memory serves me correctly, this is the 3rd time that I've bought batteries from you. I can't say enough how much I like the Maha batteries and your great prices. In the past year along, I must have recommended at least 20-25 people to buy their batteries through you. [...] Given the hassle-free purchases, great prices and fantastic products, it's hard not to recommend your business.

Patrick H. (Ottawa, ON, March 2007) , Mar 26, 2007

Bonjour Paul; Juste un petit mot pour vous remercier pour la qualité de votre service. Après de vaines recherches sur Internet pour trouver la mandoline Borner V-3000, je suis tombée par hasard sur votre site. J'ai passé la commande et en moins de 48 heures je recevais le colis. Le tout est impeccable et fonctionne à merveille. C'est sans aucune hésitation que je recommanderai votre entreprise.

Ghislaine M. (Anjou, QC, Mars 2007) , Mar 26, 2007

Hi Paul, Just wanted to thank you for your superb customer service! The foot paddle I ordered Sunday evening arrived this morning (Tuesday). [...] I certainly won't hesitate to pass along your website to others - good prices, excellent customer service; who could ask for anything more? Thanks again.

Judi S. (Toronto, ON, March 2007) , Mar 7, 2007

Paul, thanks for your speedy delivery - everything's arrived intact and I've put the Chef's Choice knife sharpener to quick use with GREAT results. Thanks again for your online recommendations - I never would have found this wonderful machine without your research and endorsement.

Terry H. (Calgary, AB, March 2007) , Mar 5, 2007

Paul, I have just received my order and I must tell you how much I am pleased and satisfied with your no-nonsense web-ordering service. Your ordering process is simply beautiful. Your shipping is super-fast and I am soooooooooooooooooo impressed by the quality of this Maha charger, wow! Please keep providing quality top-of-the-line products. Once again, I want to say a nice big west coast thank you for a super-dooper internet shopping experience. I wish many more web merchants would take an example out of your site! I have dealt with many bad places before and they certainly don't see the color of my money anymore.

Mario N. (Victoria, BC, Feb. 2007) , Feb 27, 2007
Items: 151200 of 328, per page