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Prompt service even on a week-end. Product was delivered as advertised and on time. I have added you to my shopping list.

Brian Greenway , Aug 8, 2010

Hi Paul... Received my Maha C9000 kit yesterday (about 5 days ahead of when Canada Post said I'd receive it). Thank you for record fast (and reasonably priced) shipping. The first batteries I "tested" were some I ordered from Hong Kong via eBay. These little green devils were advertised as 3000 mAh and I thought... great! I bid on 8 of them and won them for ONE CENT plus postage ($12). My Pentax camera is touchy about batteries. When I received these batteries, they felt really, REALLY light... about half the weight of Duracells I'd been using. I think I've discovered why. They're HALF EMPTY!. After several Refresh and Analyze cycles, and Discharge and charge cycles with the Maha, NONE of these "3000 mAh" NiMH tested above 700 mAh... SEVEN HUNDRED. No wonder they lasted about 10 shots in the Pentax. I hated to do it but all 8 garbage cells are where they should be... IN THE GARBAGE. Even at ONE CENT I didn't get my money's worth. BOTTOM LINE: Folks... don't waste your time with this junk on eBay like stupid me did. Bite the bullet and buy what Paul sells.

Richard Earl , Jul 24, 2010

I just took delivery of the Chef's Choice 850B Belgian WafflePro Waffle Maker and was totally blown away! Not only is it heavy duty, but also extremely fast. In about 2 minutes I had the best waffles I have ever had. The first time I used it, the waffle came out perfectly. Here's a tip if you're using all whole wheat flour. You need to add extra milk so the batter can be poured onto the bottom waffle plate. It is worth the price compared to the cheap crap you will find at your local WM. Thanks Paul for sourcing such great products. Keep up the good work. Bob Ross PS - The shipping was very fast and reliable to the West Coast.

Bob Ross , May 26, 2010

Just wanted to thank you for the promt and efficient service,and yes we are very pleased with the products we ordered. R. Smith Hamilton,Ont.

Robert Smith , Apr 22, 2010

Internet business as it is supposed to be - but rarely is. I ordered several times (Wusthof Knives and Battery Chargers), and every time the stuff arrived fast (Paul actually ships the same day when you order before lunch), well packed and exactly as described. I also appreciate receiving immediate order confirmation, tracking # and shipment process updates. Flawless service - I just wish you would branch out into building material, motorcycle parts and groceries....

A. Kraudi , Mar 25, 2010

I just had to share a cautionary tale, but it's also a testimonial. I purchased a Sakai Takayuki 17-Layer Damascus Chef's Knife, 240mm / 9.5" last December for a Christmas gift to ourselves (we both like to cook). First of all, your service was superb. It arrived in three business days at the peak of Christmas shipping. A tip of the hat to you, sir. Secondly, this is the highest end knife we have yet bought. It's very, very beautiful, very sharp, and we consider it an excellent deal for the price. Our previous experience with kitchen knives is quite reasonable, and although this is the best knife we have yet bought, our other knives aren't junk either. We've a Grohmann 8" chef's knife (20 years old, used daily and still looking almost new), a Messermeister granton edged vegetable knife, and assorted others, lesser known, but of a similar quality. Well, except for the Ginsu. It's our guilty little knife secret, it is. Cheap, stamped, and the best bread knife we ever used - but I digress. So, here it is, Christmas season, our new knife had arrived that afternoon, and we had one of those impromptu housefulls that tend to happen in Nova Scotia around any holiday. So, what to do? Well, break out the shiny new knife to both show it off and prep some munchies for folks, of course. This was my first mistake. One should never use a new knife for the first time when distracted by lots of guests - or distracted by anything, for that matter! My second mistake was in assuming that, like with our other knives, I would have that little split second to react if the blade hit my fingernail. Ummm - no. Not with this knife. I was slicing red peppers into sticks for dipping, marvelling at the ease with which the new knife dealt with tough pepper skins, and simultaneously flapping my gums with a friend standing at the stove, who was helping out putting on water for hot beverages. So there I was - eyes nowhere near the work area, new knife, distracted, and boom - the ring finger nail of my left hand was trimmed to the cuticle. Just. Like. That. No pain at all. Just blood. The doctor was very impressed, BTW, with the clean cut. No crushing damage whatsoever. He said it looked as if it had been cut with a scalpel. It's healed completely now, and no scarring, thanks to the super keen blade. Lesson learned. And hopefully by sharing this, I can spare someone else the embarassment and potential danger. The knife, BTW, has become our very favourite. It's just so effortless, well balanced and light in the hand, that it's a dream to use. Thank you, Paul. Cheers, Greg Hamilton Amherst, NS

Greg Hamilton , Mar 24, 2010

Knives came within 2 days, perfect quality, I was informed via email of the tracking and location of the item the whole way without even requesting, great service, quality and prices, will be shopping again soon!

MD , Feb 18, 2010

Hands down I would recommend anyone out there for their purchases from Paul. Truly his service is trustworthy, reliable and QUICK with very reasonable prices. I ended up purchasing a set of Wusthof Classic IKON steak knives and received a confirmation the next day they were shipped. Barely a week later I had them in hand. I was so pleased with this that I ended up special ordering a Wusthof knife block for my parents and true to Paul's word it arrived on the exact day it was slated for arrival. In this day and age of poor quality goods being sold by unknowledgeable sales staff in malls and speciality stores, it is such a refreshing change to see someone out there that strives to maintain excellent selection of quality goods with his outstanding sales, support, and service! I'll definitely be back to make my future knife purchases. Neel Shingadia

Neel Shingadia , Jan 1, 2010

Thank you for your very prompt service. My Chef's Choice 130 Professional Sharpener was delivered to my door three days after my order was placed. I have sharpened all my knives (after I figured out what a "bur" was???) ... just in time for carving the Christmas turkey. Thank you so much. Great Service and a Great Product!!!

Judy, Nova Scotia , Dec 30, 2009

I am very happy about my purchase. I was looking for a Peugeot pepper mill and I found exactly the one I wanted, for a cheaper price than everywhere else, and I received it in 2 days! It was a perfect gift, thank you very much. I recommend Paul's Finest anytime!

Ingrid , Dec 22, 2009

I would like to tanks Paulsfinest for my both recent order with them. Next day shipping and best price! Can't ask any better, thanks again!

David C. , Dec 5, 2009

Have been on my wish list for quite some time. Bought the C9000 package and was immediately grateful. Fast shipping meant fast delivery. Really put my batteries to the test when I travelled abroad. 1st set of batteries lasted 29 of my 30 day visit and delivering hundreds of photographs. Didn't need the charger when 2 sets of charged batteries were on hand. Too bad I didn't know that beforehand because I could have used the additional room in my carry-on luggage. ;-)

Kevin O'Grady , Dec 1, 2009

Ordered a bread knife on Tuesday and received it on Thursday. That's what I call excellent customer service. Thank you very much for such quick response. I will definitely order from you again.

Anne , Nov 27, 2009

Hi there, I ordered a few knives and an electric sharpener and I am really impressed by the speed with which my order was processed! Really a great thing to see in this day and age. Thank-you!

Norman Devaleriola , Nov 17, 2009

Hi Paul, Great prices. Exceptional Service. Thanks, Georgie.

Brian Rau (Brian Rau Photography) , Nov 9, 2009

Thank you so much for the Fantastic Messermeister Peeler. It works great. I love it. It is the best Vegtable peeler I have ever had !!! Your shipping is the fastest, and great service. I will be dealing with you again soon. Thanks once again !!! Diana

Diana Beaulieu , Oct 31, 2009

Ordered the Wusthof Classic Cook's Knife....much better price than in any store that I checked. Shipped the same day and arrived in perfect shape. THANK YOU!

Bette , Oct 23, 2009

I orderd my Wusthoff 12 inch Chef's knife on Friday night and it arrived Tuesday at noon. I searched the internet and Paulsfinest.com has the best prices and best selection

Mark W. , Oct 14, 2009

Hi Paul, thanks for the excellent service, and fast shipping, the knives [Wusthof] are absolutely wonderful! I appreciate how carefully you packed everything. I will definitely be back.

E. Leung , Oct 14, 2009

I can't believe how quickly the order arrived in my mailbox. The transaction was very easy and I received exactly what I expected in a well packed box. I'm glad I discovered your business. A+++++

Claude Angers , Oct 5, 2009

Just received my Salter digital scale. I'm very pleased with the prompt shipping and competitive prices. Now I can get to baking by weight instead of volume! I'll be sure to mention your business to my friends!

Peter , Sep 16, 2009

I'm a culinary student, so I am constantly looking for good quality knives at reasonable prices. Paul's not only had a great selection of knives, but they had the best prices I found in Canada. Shipping was prompt, and all communications were extremely friendly. I'd shop here again in an instant, and I've recommended them to my instructors as well as my class mates. Toronto, ON September 2009

Colleen Anthony , Sep 9, 2009

Great battery and Service. I have been using the Maha chargers and batteries for a set of digital cameras for a school. Only time that the batteries have not produced was when they were not put onto the charger! Just got a C9000 for home use. Impressive features for heavy rechargeable users.

Earl Snider , Aug 21, 2009

fast service ...and the post tracking is awsome ,the box is in perfect shape ,you realy take care to give the best service . tank you .

M. Di Lillo , Aug 21, 2009

I recently purchased a Japanese made Chinese cleaver from PSS. I have to say that Paul's excellent client service attitude, knowledge, passion combined with products that are designed and built by fanatics is the ultimate combination for my money. I will be dealing with him again. Roch Chouinard Ottawa

Roch Chouinard , Jun 5, 2009

have ordered twice,great knives,great price great service,fast delivery,thank you

D Snyder (beachwood resort) , May 12, 2009

Mr.Paul, Thank you SO MUCH! I was SO excited when I was allowed to order my Opinel Carbon blade, and it looks GREAT! I ordered it Wenesday at midnight (sorry!) and it must've been shipped right away, because I just got back to check the mailbox (right now it's friday afternoon) and-- There it was! I was so excited! Thanks very much! I appreciate that you added the thank you note as well, it was a nice thing to do! Have a lovely weekend, and thank you for your prompt and great business! I knew you were a great choice! :D

Talon Chan, Mississauga Ontario , May 8, 2009

I rec'd my new Zanmai Santoku today and was very surprised. I spoke with Paul awhile ago and explained that I was replacing my old knives and was looking for something of very good quality. I told him my requirements and that I was a home chef (left handed at that). He made some suggestions, but encouraged me to wait for the new Zanmai knives to come in. Well...am I glad I waited, what a beautiful knife. I have looked at other knives for alot more money and they are not near as nice for quality, feel, appearance and yes price. My dealing with Paul's Finest has been a great pleasure and I will be looking forward to purchasing more in the future. Thanks for all the help Paul. Very Satisfied, J Carlson

J. Carlson , Apr 16, 2009

I am a hobby chef and was recently ready to purchase some new knives. I happened upon Paul's site and was blown away by the selection, quality and prices. I have shopped around and in today's world it is difficult to find store staff that really know anything about knives and I found myself educating them more than them educating me. I first purchased 2 knives from Paul, a Misano UX10 Santoku and a Misano UX10 130 mm utility knife. I had them within 2 days and they reflected the quality and workmanship Paul had described. A week later I decided to order 2 more knives and went for the Wusthof Classic Ikon Chef and Slicer both 9 inch models and within 30 minutes of me placing my order they were already shipped and I had received a confirmation from Canada Post with a tracking number! FAST! I chose Wusthof this time more for cost reasons because the Misano were more money and my wife would have an absolute kanipshun if she knew how much I spent on the four knives. Hey, woman dig shoes. Men love knives! Anyway....I can't say enough good things about Paul and his overall expertise and service. It is nice to know that as we gravitate more and more towards purchasing from the internet we can still find businesses that cover all the bases and where you can still deal and speak with the actual owner if in need of some advice...7 days a week! Paul is always prompt, professional and friendly. I will tell all my hobby chef friends knowing well that they will be looked after and get a great deal as well. Thanks Paul!!! Mark

Mark Mandic (Markus Jayne Enterprises) , Apr 16, 2009

Thanks for the super quick delivery of my order (all the way to Vancouver). The batteries and charger are of the highest quality and you sell them at an excellent price too (after doing some research myself)! I would definitely recommend to anyone, to order products from here.

Adrian Wong , Mar 29, 2009

I ordered an 8 piece knife block set and it was at my door in 2 days. It was easy to track and well packed. I'm very impressed with service, the quality and the price. Would definitely order again.

C. Domitrovits , Mar 26, 2009

As with many other food service professionals, I have long history of using mandolins such as the V-slicer. When I found it for sale on this website at such a great price, I did not hesitate to purchase it immediately. Not only did my V-slicer show up quickly, but I received a Canada Post tracking number by email so I knew when it would be arriving. I was so happy with the service provided by PaulsFinest that I have purchased yet another knife to add to my collection. Thanks Paul!

Brenden (Outland Camps) , Mar 25, 2009

I just orderd 2 Sakai Takayuki, and 2 Misono knives, and a few other toys. Not only am I impressed at the quality of the knives, and the value, but how fast and hassle free ordering was. I am glad we have a great knife distributer like this in canada. Thanks Paul, and I will be ordering again soon.

sooke, Bc , Mar 19, 2009


GREG WHITTAL , Mar 7, 2009

I'm thoroughly impressed by the vast selection of knives provided by Paul. I had just taken a course on knives, and was looking for a diamond knife steel. Paul not only has the best selection I could find on the web, but the best prices as well. The links to other information on the web helped me make an informed decision. It's rare to find a Canadian web site offering as much as Paul does. Shipping was faster than anything I've experienced online, and not having to deal with US dollars, customs, etc. is a real pleasure. Paul's personal thanks inside the order was a very nice touch. I will be purchasing again from Paul in the future as I expand my kitchen collection. Thanks again Paul!

Harold Gartner , Mar 7, 2009

We ordered a Wusthof Santoku Knife , 10 " steel and blade guard, The service was very very good and fast. We have a couple of weddings coming up and want to give some knives, so we'll be ordering more from Paul ( March 2009)

D. Neil , Mar 3, 2009

Paul It is a pleasure doing business with you.Exelllent Quality & Service do make you and your company one of the Finest. It is very refreshing to know there are still people out there taking care of business the way it should be.

David Coates , Mar 2, 2009

Fastest shipping I've ever had... the batteries shipped *before* my payment even cleared! I've really impressed. Thank you!

Ivan , Feb 28, 2009

I have been buying the Misono knife line Paul has here because the prices for all of the knives is more than reasonable. To be truthful, I wasn't prepared for how wonderful these knives are to work with. The user pretty much directs the knife and because they are so sharp, they do most of the work. Although I am not a professional kitchen person, I can tell you the UX10 is clearly the best line and again, because the prices are so low, you can buy the best without groaning too loudly at all. What I was expecting was great customer service and as in the past, my expectation was met and passed. Emails are answered really fast and without exception you get both a direct answer, and some background to help you make sound buying decisions. As the saying goes, "You the man, Paul" High 5! Great doing business with you, Respectfully, mary

Mary , Feb 6, 2009

Super Fast local delivery and a great source for chefs. Highly recommend the online store.

JmS , Feb 5, 2009

This is what shopping is supposed to be like. I placed my order, immediately received a confirmation and tracking number. My parcel arrived exactly when it was supposed to and it was exactly what I ordered. The service was fantastic and I love my new Escali scales to boot! Perfect! I would not hesitate to shop here again. Thank you!

Thomasina Carroll , Feb 2, 2009

Thanks so much for such super turnaround service...ordered on Friday night and our Wusthof knives arrived on Tuesday morning. We have been researching knives for more than a long time and finally settled on these - we should have bought them 30 years ago!!! We chose to put together our own set plus a magnetic knife holder and this was easy to do as your website is very navigable and very informative!! We may need one or two more knives down the road and when we do will be in touch! Thanks again!!

Natalie Drover , Jan 27, 2009

Even though on your website said that you were closed for holidays and orders won't ship until Jan 5, you actually shipped my order on the Dec 29-th and I got it on December 31! That's what I call great service!

Dima , Jan 2, 2009

Super fast shipping (arrived in 3 days), great service, reasonable prices. Also very quality products (I bought some very nice whet stones and I own a misono knife which is probably the best knife ever made). Thanks.

Kiyoshi Masui , Dec 15, 2008

Paul, The Testimonials I have read say it all, but still I must add that you are a man of true integrity and honesty, and a pleasure to know. Thanks so much for taking such good care of my special order...your are a really great person. And also, I just love the Wusthof knives! Elaine

Elaine , Dec 10, 2008

Paul, I received the Sakai Takayuki [damascus santoku] knife last Friday. My friends & I immediately put it to work (prepping veg, fish & line duty). Everyone who saw it was impressed with its beauty, I'm very impressed with its surgical accuracy. Thank you so much for your imprecable service. You have my recommendation to anyone who's in the market to buying a knife (even if its not Japanese they're looking for).

R. Abanes (Delta, BC) , Dec 1, 2008

As a photographer I need batteries I can depend on. Too many times I have reached into my bag for my spare set or pulled out my GPS and found that my NiMH's had self-discharged. Your new Imedion batteries are awesome!

Eric Jacksch , Nov 27, 2008

I ordered my Maha MH-C808M on Thursday September 11 and it arrived on Monday Sept 15! I had it delivered to my work address so I could show it to our system's analyst. We put a couple AA NiMhs that had been sitting in his drawer for months, and it only took 20 minutes on the soft setting to top them up to fully charged. Very nicely made charger and outstanding service! This is my first purchase from Paul - but definitely not my last! Delighted in PEI Canada

Phil Rafuse , Sep 15, 2008

Date:11D-9M-08Y Hello Paul,thanks very much for your excellent service,extremly fast delivery and it was padded and packaged just like i've asked him too, in my message that i left him at the check-out on his web-site,i've purchased 2 X ( wusthof super slicer )( model 4532 ) and i just can't wait to start using these two knives for a lot of everything ,like breads to fruits from small to big and also all sorts of meats, this isn't the first time that i've purchased from paul, i've also purchased last year 2 X furi east/west coppertail 8" and also i've purchased 2 X furi Gusto-Grip Scalloped East/West knife 7" Yes as you may see why do i buy sets of two's, well it's incase i eventually damage a knife i will a have a spare knife,and also i'm what you may call a real knife nut,and yes i do have a real collection of knives,i mean a real one,just thought i would share that with you'se.So Paul i will certainly come back to buy somemore because of your great prices,your excellent service,and first of all your honesty, So hey people don't be affraid to buy here he is 1000% honest and with great things to buy and also with great prices. from MR .Dominique .A from Ottawa,Ontario,Canada

Dominique Alain , Sep 11, 2008

Have to thank you for the great service. Got my sharpener in three days and it works great. Love the personal signature on the invoice copy. You just got a new customer.

Steve Wilson , Aug 11, 2008
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