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Always fast shipping and excellent products. Very happy to do business with a fellow montrealer. ;)

Martin Thomas , Sep 2, 2013

Just received the set of four Opinel spreaders and paring knife and love them! Their bright colours are what attracted me. They add a nice sprinkle of colour to my otherwise monochromatic knife drawer. I was a bit hesitant to venture to a brand that I was unfamiliar with (I like Japanese knives, Misono UX10 in particular, which I also bought from Paul), but knowing that Paul only stocks the GOOD STUFF let me know that I could trust that I'd always get a quality product, regardless if I was familiar with the brand or not. I wish all companies could instill this kind of confidence in the buyer. Always a pleasure.

Lloyd , Jul 29, 2013

love this site for the simple fact that they are fast to deliver good quality knives at good prices and there is never any fuss with shipping.

Kevin (Brasserie T!) , Jun 30, 2013

A group of us chipped in to buy the Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef Kiritsuke for a sous chef who was leaving our restaurant and moving up the ladder. Well, shipping was ridiculously fast. I ordered on a Sunday night and it was in my hands on Tuesday at noon. And it was the perfect gift. You really pack your parcels so very well, it's basically impossible for any damage to occur. I felt the edge of the blade (it had to be inspected!) and it was just perfect. One of the other sous chefs where I work has said she'll be ordering from you, based on your prices and my confirmed "This guy is just the best" when it comes to everything. Thank you Paul!

Richard Evans , Jun 10, 2013

Great service! Received the product next day in Toronto.

Roman , May 1, 2013

I have ordered the 3 pack naniwa chosera stones and the bridge from you and I just would like to say the service was right on and the quality of the stones were perfect as well as the other merchandise..... thank you very much and your prices are lower than others without compromising the quality, thank you again and looking forward to doing business with you again shortly

Shawn Gadoury , Apr 13, 2013

Just opened my Moritaka Deba (6.5 inch) and I am really, really (well love) both the heft and the look of the knife. So far I have really enjoyed working with all of the Moritaka knives and have had no issues with the bit of extra care carbon steel knives require. I have always thought that the knife should do the work and I merely guide it along and these knives pretty much prove my point. Thanks for the beautiful knife and the quick sending! (i got the knife sooner than expected and you gotta love that!) regards, mary

Mary , Apr 5, 2013

Shipping is extremely quick, and all the products are of exceptional quality. I personally like to Moritaka knives, they are razor sharp and extremely well priced.

Jeff Dueck (Art Gallery of Ontario) , Dec 17, 2012

I have finally found a spot in Canada that carries the exquisite Naniwa Chosera Water Stones. Not to to mention the beautiful knives Paul carries. I ordered 2 stones on a Saturday evening and I received a confirmation email from Paul 10 minutes later saying he would pack them up immediately for shipment on Monday. They stones were in my hands on Thursday. Truly exceptional service and wonderful products. Thank You Paul.

Peter Nowlan (New Edge Sharpening) , Nov 23, 2012

We have used the same pepper mill since approximately 1964, and it still works like new - Love it!!

Mary Schuster , Oct 19, 2012

All online retailers should strive to be as good as PaulsFinest.com. Great selection, great prices, and great service. Thank you, Paul!

Robyn , Oct 12, 2012

Thanks for the extremely prompt service. It's great to have someone in Canada selling high-end gear at reasonable prices. Also nice to be able to see how many items are in stock on-line, and thoughtful reviews and information about the products. Great site, great service. Bravo. You have just become my kitchen supplier. Brad

Brad V. , Aug 28, 2012

Hi Paul. I put in my order thursday around 9:30 am and received it friday at 3:00 pm. Wow, that was fast! Very happy with my multiple Wusthof Classic Ikon purchases and my Chef's Choice sharpener. I used it on my 25 year old Henckels and I have to say that I probably didn't need new knives after all! Ha, what the hell, it's fun to have new cooking toys every now and then. My old Henckels are going to a friend who love cooking too! Thanks a million for the good prices!

Daniel Schnobb , Aug 10, 2012

The service was amazing. From the prompt response to my inquiry to the fast shipping to the unbelievable prices. I will definitely recommend Paul to my fellow classmates and will be back again to make more purchases in the future. Thanks again!! Drew

Drew Fraser , Jun 4, 2012

Awesome delivery service-quicker than i get my normal mail ! Product was everything you said it would be.Will be doing ordering again.Now I'm going out to put that mushroom knife to the test..Thanks.

Gary C. , May 26, 2012

I recently ordered the Powerex Battery Charger. Shipping was incredibly fast. The charger is amazing and does exactly what you need, to keep your batteries healthier and fully charged. Would definitely buy from PaulsFinest again. Thank you. Great service.

N. Peterson , May 1, 2012

Hey Pauls Finest, job well done! Sent my order just before midnight on the 24th and got it 11 am on the 27th. Everything was in great shape. The Takayuki Silver-3 is indeed a beautiful knife and Gin-3 steel for this price....that's a steal ! The Takayuki Deba is a great knife as well and can't wait to force a patina on it. Thanks Pauls Finest..........Mike ( Warkworth Ont., 2012)

Mike Lake , Apr 28, 2012

Hi, i just received the knife sharpener and put it to work....great job. I'm very happy with it. I want to thank you for your prompt reply ON SUNDAY, i wasn't expecting you to answer on the weekend (fantastic). the delivery was super fast. thank you so much, would do business with you again without hesitation. Bruce

Bruce Mansell , Mar 7, 2012

Just spent some quality time with my new my Moritaka Damascus Supreme Gyuto and the knife was everything I expected. . Now I just need to figure out what to do with all those julienned veggies. Lightning quick shipping by Pauls Finest. Received my order at my doorstep less than 36 hours after pressing enter on my order, very impressive. I've had e-mails taking longer than that to reach me!

Louis , Feb 1, 2012

Just wanted to say thanks Paul. I got my beautiful Moritaka 2 days after odering. Also thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to answer my emails and answering the many questons that I had. Great customer service goes along way. thanks again !!!! Mike Toronto

Michael Ryan , Jan 18, 2012

I ordered the Sakai Takayuki 17-Layer Damascus Kitchen Knives, Set of 3 which includes the Model 7222 180mm (7") Santoku; Model 7229 80mm (3.15") small paring knife; Model 7221 135mm (5.3") Petty/Utility knife. got the knives last night and used them to make dinner this eve....incredible, flawless performance and they are very beautiful, like pieces of art...sharp and versatile, they seemed to scare food into pieces with their incredible sharpness...it's a pleasure to use them. Very pleased with the super fast delivery and will be a repeat customer for sure... thanks Bradley

Bradley F , Jan 10, 2012

Thank you, for the speedy service and delivery. My beautiful Peugeot salt and pepper mills came professionally packaged. Will definitely purchase from you again and will highly recommend to friends and family.

Tum , Jan 10, 2012

Just rec'd my order today. Order was processed immediately and shipped quickly. The Misono is the best knife I have ever used, hands down. Great weight for its size, perfect shape and feel. The Wusthof boning knife is great too. Peugeot adjustable mill is better than any other I've seen. Haven't tried the microplane graters yet, but they look great. Thanks PF.

Ryan , Jan 9, 2012

I'll give Paul two thumbs up for customer service. I have a Maha C800S 8 battery charger that I bought through him 3 years ago, just after Christmas. On Sunday the unit malfunctioned. (about 11 days before the 3 year warranty expired). I contacted him, expecting the response to be "contact Maha's customer service". He replied back the same night, and asked me to try some things, which I had already done. His response was ship it back to him and he will take care of it. And he did... I received a new unit today! Outstanding!

Mario , Dec 22, 2011

PaulsFinest is definitely the finest. I have bought the better part of my Wustof Culinar knives at PaulsFinest for they are not only the best knives, but also the most elegant. Every time, the product was as described and the service quick, reliable and professional. I will certainly be returning for my future kitchen needs. Thanks PaulsFinest!

Sam , Dec 14, 2011

Bonjour Paul, juste un mot pour vous remercier de votre service ultra rapide. Temps de livraison de moins de 24 hres, emballage de première classe et, naturellement, produits de qualité supérieure. André

André Fiset , Dec 13, 2011

Thanks Paul for your excellent service. I ordered a knife and before I knew it, it was here in Calgary. I've not seen it yet because I ordered it for myself for Christmas so my hubby is hiding it from me. Your website is great and I've spent hours reading the information. I will be back later to add to my collection.

Heather Walsh , Nov 29, 2011

couldn't be happier with the product and service received. item arrived at my door less than 24 hours after my order was placed. will definitely shop here again.

gordon s , Nov 4, 2011

Paul Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions by email. Received my order recently and have made a good start on building a new knife set. The 9" Wusthoff Cordon Bleu chef's knife is a winner, great feel and edge at a lighter weight. The 10" Wusthoff Icon is a work horse. The 1520 Chef's Choice electric sharpener works great, if it does not stand up to our commercial use I will upgrade to the commercial unit given the great results. Looking forward to trying some of the Japanese knives you recommend. It is great to have this quality and these prices from a CDN supplier. Tks Gregg Ross Rossano's Italian Grill Moncton, NB

Gregg Ross (Rossano's Italian Grill) , Nov 3, 2011

Thank-You Paulsfinest! Very fast delivery and service. Ordered a Moritaka Gyuto 210 and 150 petty both are marvellous. RETAIL IS DEAD! Will be back as I explore these Japanese knives! Mark R. Milton, ON

Mark Ruth , Oct 17, 2011

Great service, ridiculously fast shipping (got the item less than 30 hours after submitting the order, no joke!) Will definitely buy again from Paul !

Michel Simard , Oct 13, 2011

Fantastic prices and extremely fast shipping. Could not be happier with my experience with Paul's Finest! Would recommend you to anyone. Look forward to my next purchase. Thank you so much.

David Stevens , Oct 12, 2011

Paul runs an outstanding company. I have ordered many times from him and not once was I disappointed in the product I received. He sells quality wares that will not disappoint. The products are competitively priced, well packaged and secured in the box. extremely fast shipping. I would recommend his products to anyone. Thanks for everything Paul. It is greatly appreciated.

Matt , Sep 26, 2011

If you use rechargeable batteries, do yourself a favour and get the Maha/Imedion brand. I was a bit sceptical at first but was reassured by a family member who was working on a rechargeable battery file for a major bank. These things last longer, charge faster and do not fail at the same rate...one battery failure in 3 years of heavy use. This retailer has been nothing short of perfect and I never have any concerns doing business with Paul's. Thanks again!

Eric Vallee , Jul 21, 2011

Maha PowerEx C9000 WizardOne charger. One of the best chargers I have ever used. PaulsFinest one of the best online sellers. Both are highly recommended.

Richard , Jul 2, 2011

Excellent, excellent, excellent! I ordered a pair of salt and pepper grinders yesterday and received them today. Thanks so much!

Laura , May 25, 2011

Hello Paul, I received my Sakai Takayuki Sashimi Yanagiba knife and am very pleased with both the knife and your service. The knife is obviously the work of an very skilled artisan and is a pleasure to use. I am very proud to own something obviously the product of years of training and attention to detail. I would also like to thank you for your prompt service and for sourcing these knives! take care, Yuri

Yuri , Apr 29, 2011

I was very happy with the Peugeot salt and pepper mills I purchased from you. They arrived very quickly and work wonderfully! Thanks so much!

Laura , Apr 14, 2011

Impressive !!! I have been ordering on Web for over 15 years and ordering on this site is just the way it should be !!! Ordered Sunday morning, received charger Wednesday morning in New-Brunswick. Charger works great ! All the information and fine print on this site is displayed in regular print and straight to the point, nice. A guy who is not afraid to put his phone # and address on the site says a LOT about this seller.....honest sellers have nothing to hide. Tks Paul !

Lou , Apr 14, 2011

I'm very happy with the Felco F2 pruning shears and holster the arrived today. The products were exactly as claimed and they arrived in only 7 days. I will definitely shop at this site again!

Lorne Walters , Apr 8, 2011

Great products, great prices, great service!

Kevin K , Apr 6, 2011

Just purchased a Naniwa 12000 stone. WOW!!! Unbelievable clarity to the edge of a razor. Deliver was very quick and product was just as described -What else could you want in a store. Thanks.

Paul , Mar 18, 2011

I purchased the Maha PowerEx C204W Charger with 8x2700 AA PowerEx batteries >3 years ago for a digital camera. During one 2 week long vacation, other people changed their (other branded) batteries about 5 times... while I only changed once (after 9 days of heavy use). Then are still working perfectly & I've had to watch the inlaws so they don't steal them! I'm now looking to buy more for cordless keyboards, remotes & gamepads, & my kid's toys... they seem to outlast everything else on one charge!

Brad D , Mar 16, 2011

Thank you for the exceptionally fast shipping. Love the product!

D A Squires , Mar 5, 2011

Paul, I purchased 2 Moritaka blades off you last week. Not only am I impressed with my nakiri and chef's knife, so is everyone else at work! Its beautiful to look at and more importantly to work with. Not to mention you were $100 cheaper on both compared to other places I saw. You definitely have a repeat customer in me.

Michael Amaral (Intercontinental Hotel) , Jan 27, 2011

It shouldn't surprise me at this point, yet I'm still amazed by Paul's excellent service. I placed my order late Monday night/early Tuesday morning and it arrived at my door early Thursday morning -- one day before Christmas! I was a bit worried, as my purchase was for a Japanese waterstone for sharpening knives. These things are very delicate. However, it made it through express shipping practises to arrive in perfect condition... no chips, co cracks, nice and flat. Paul, thanks for the Naniwa Chosera 1000 grit stone. I'm very excited to put it to work over the holiday season.

Jason (Whitby, ON) , Dec 23, 2010

Wow, excelent products, packaging as well and very fast delivery ( faster than any on-line purchase ever made). The knives that I received are much nicer than the pictures of your site. J'ai acheté d'autres couteaux de compétiteurs sur le web et c'est le meilleur service que j'ai jamais reçu, la livraison est très rapide et les produits sont magnifiques contrairement aux achats précédents. Chapeau Paul.

LouisT. Montreal Québec , Dec 12, 2010

Always prompt service and products are high quality and true to claims (Maha Charger and 2700 rechargeable Batteries). Several reorders for family and friends impressed with battery life in digital camera and Wii perepherals.

Joyce , Nov 27, 2010

I am very pleased with my recent purchase from Pauls Finest. I ordered a knife that was not available at my local Calgary Store (they would have to order it in with no guarantee it would arrive in time for Christmas. We are 6 weeks away from Christmas! ) I found what I was looking for at Pauls Finest.I placed my ordert on Monday morning and received delivery notice on Friday. Now that is impressive. Thanks again, I will definitely recommend you to friends and family for future purchases.

Susan S. , Nov 20, 2010

I've ordered 7 or 8 knives from PaulsFinest in the last 2 years. All have come very quickly and as ordered. It's also very easy to track your packages and know exactly where your stuff is. I couldn't be happier with PaulsFinest and will continue to do business with this exceptional store. Thanks Very Much Paul.

Mike , Oct 19, 2010
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