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I ordered from Paul's Finest for the first time in late August having found the website while looking for Felco pruners. Best prices I had seen so I ordered a Felco 8 and leather case and a Felco folding saw. I placed the order on a Thursday around 11:00 a.m., it was marked shipped 25 minutes later and picked up by Canada Post by 3:00 p.m! Although I chose regular shipping due to the impressively fast handling time it was delivered the next day by 11:00!! Very impressed and the items were excellent quality. I also want to mention that after I placed the order I realized I had forgotten to include the $5 discount for my first order. I sent an email to see if I could apply the discount and received a reply within minutes stating it was no problem. VERY happy with this business and will be shopping here in the future. This type of service is hard to find! Thanks very much!

Peter Denley , Sep 5, 2020

I just wanted to give a big thank you to the PaulsFinest family-- I had come across this website a few years ago, but only just made my first purchase after gaining interest in sharpening my knifes with whetstones, you have very competitive pricing and incredibly fast shipping even a whole province away! I was really worried about the the stones being damaged in shipping, but you folks did a great job in packing, everything arrived in wonderful shape!

Evan Fuller , Aug 22, 2020
Fast shipping

Great service. Very prompt shipping with tracking. Will purchase again from them.

Herman Ho (Ontario, Canada) , Jun 12, 2020

I've bought a fair amount of knives/stones from you over the years including a recent order or a chef knife for my wife. I just wanted to say thank you. You always sell great knives at great prices. Shipping is so fast and you don't charge a large profit off it. I grew up in beaconsfield and I will always continue to shop here. Keep it up and I always recommend you to everyone.

Mark S. (Trenton, ON) , May 16, 2020

Just wanted to write a great testimonial for your site. You are the BEST online experience I have ever had. Fast courteous and no surprises when shipment was received and also got to Alberta several days faster than expected. Paul it was a pleasure. I WILL BE BACK, as well as all my friends!!!! Thanx again. Rick, Alberta.

Rick G. , Mar 9, 2020

WOW! Cannot get over how fast my order was received even though I opted for free delivery through regular mail service. Order was as expected, I love my new knives, and I would definitely order through this site again

Debby G. , Mar 1, 2020

First time ordering here, must say I'm impressed. If Paul has what you want, he's likely to have a very good price for it, and shipping is super fast. Thank you very much! Will definitively be back for some more stones and knives.

Philippe Beaudoin , Feb 7, 2020

Just received my second shipment from Paul’s Finest and had an insignificant item missing from the shipping box. I can see how things can get missed. A quick email to Paul and he replied almost instantly and quickly got me sorted out. 1. He has great products at excellent prices. 2. He is fast and efficient with getting his products to you. 3. I was shorted a $3 item on my latest order but they still looked after me above and beyond what typical companies seem to do these days. For $3 it’s costing him more to help me out than the item is worth. 4. They have earned a happy customer along with my trust. Keep up the excellent service Paul’s Finest team. And for anyone looking for an honest review. These guys get 10 stars out of 10 from me!

Colby Deutsch (Regina, SK) , May 30, 2019
A very fine business

I would love to say that buying from Paul was an amazing and awesome experience and that Paul runs his business like a well oiled three Michelin star well oiled machine and takes superb care when packaging for shipping because I ordered a shapton glass stone from Paul yesterday morning paid for express shipping and got my package this morning so needless to say congratulations Paul on running a very fine business god bless and keep up the awesome work the you do

Patrick Morissette (Ottawa Canada) , May 1, 2019

BUY HERE YOU'LL NOT REGRET IT VERY VERY COMPETITIVE & EXCELLENT PRICES AS ALWAYS FOR CANADIANS AND AROUND THE WORLD!! This is probably one of the best Kitchen Web Store that exists in Canada from Quebec this Web Store sells an array of different things anywhere from Salt & Pepper Shakers to an array of Kitchen Knives,Electric Knife Sharpening Systems,Kitchen Knives Sharpening Stones,Hand Pruners by Felco,an array of Battery Chargers from Maha,And also Has Food Hand Microplanes GRaters Gourmet Series I've been Dealing with this Store for at least for the past Twelve Years I feel Very at Ease by Shopping from this Web Store/ And Also Hard Working Owner Paul Schwartz 1000 % of Honesty,He takes his Business with great Pride,through out all these years that I've been Buying from Him and his Web Store, I can't say how much he'se greatly appreciated in doing Business with Him always get a very very Smooth Rides with Him and his Web Store from Delivery to Transaction to answering Questions of Product and other and everything else like Replying To E-mails he really KNOWS REALLY IN HOW TO RUN A VERY VERY GREAT BUSINESS AT Paulsfinest.com THANKS PAUL VERY VERY MUCH FOR YOUR GREAT BUSINESS I HOPE YOU'LL BE HERE FOR MANY MANY MORE YEARS TO COME SOO I CAN BUY FROM YOU AND THE GREAT GREAT BUSINESS YOU RUN EXCELLENT EXCELLENT AS ALWAYS !!!! FROM : MR M. LAROCQUE Ottawa,Ontario,Canada

Michel Larocque (Ottawa,Ontario,Canada) , Jan 22, 2019
Great Service!

Fantastic service and great support! PaulsFinest is an excellent store.

Andy Froncioni (Montreal, Canada) , Apr 24, 2018
Excellent after sale support!

I second what Mary had to say about PaulsFinest. "...just about the BEST customer service I've experienced!" When I am looking for new sharpening stones paulsfinest.com is my first stop. Smooth transactions and some of the best prices on the 'net. - THANK YOU

James Poirier (Charlottetown, PE) , Feb 5, 2018
The 21 Century service

I would call it "The 21 Century Service"! I am a picky guy, by nature. and I realize it... But I am impressed. I ordered it on Aug. 10, 2017, early morning. I received it on Aug 11, 2017, at noon! Incredible! Thank you, Paul! I will definitely recommend you to anybody...

Dobri Todorov (Toronto, ON) , Aug 11, 2017
Pro Seller Pro Knives Very Happy

As an experienced online seller i appreciate process. Pauls has their sh&t together. Great Website Great Products Great prices Fast Shipping. It's not as easy as you make it look. Professional. Thanks for the sweet Wusthof!

Chris Bosco (Dundas) , Feb 16, 2017
Excellent after sale support!

I have been on some level of customer care support (as a customer & giving someone customer service) & I've really got to say PaulsFinest as just about the BEST customer service I've experienced! I've bought several knives from him over a 10 yr (I think) period & sent sometimes sending emails asking questions after no contact for years at a time. Each time my questions are answered timely & in detail. No yes/no for this guy. I love it! Brilliant! mh

Mary Hotson (Alberta) , Jan 29, 2017
Chef's Choice Model 4643 Pronto Diamond Hone Manual Knife Sharpener

Customer Service -Excellent. I had ordered the same product twice in error and quickly sent an email. Paul was able to cancel my order the same day. Delivery- Very fast. I wasn't expecting it to be delivered that quickly. Product- I tried this for the first time. My knives were extremely dull and dangerous. Initially I didn't apply enough pressure and thought it was a dud. After applying the recommended amount of pressure 4-5 pounds and about 20 passes, my knives are once again super sharp. Pricing for Product and Shipping fees- Paul's Finest was the best deal I could find-way cheaper than Amazon and other sites. The shipping fee was very reasonable too. I would definitely order from Paul's Finest again.

Xuan , Jan 11, 2017
Dream Stones

Paul, thank you very much for expanding your already impressive line up of Japanese Water Stones. I sharpen daily by hand in a professional environment. The Naniwa Aotoshi, Green Brick of absolute Joy is a crucial component of my sharpening setup. If anyone is on the fence about purchasing this stone, jump off immediately and get it. It is the best 2,000 grit water stone I have ever used and many of my peers feel the same way. Thanks again Paul. I can't wait to try the new Naniwa Traditional 6,000 and 8,000, they are on my radar.

Petrer Nowlan (Halifax Nova Scotia) , Nov 24, 2016

I bought the edge pro apex, kit number 4 as well as the small knife attachment. Had it unpacked and 2 knives sharpened in about 30 mins. My knives are not worth this setup but I wanted to start small and eventually get a good set of knives. It is rewarding to have a knife that my meaty arms could barely cut an onion before, to have the knife almost fall thru after sharpening. I would recommend the online Visc or the DVD, but if not, at least read the manual. I caught myself doing some of the things he suggests against, like swinging the arm way too wide. Well built product that works. And it was shipped and delivered in 2 days. Satisfied customer in oshawa.

Brian Sarty (Oshawa, ON) , Jul 21, 2016

Bought the apex 4 from Paul,this knife sharpener is fantastic to say the least.Read the instructions ,watch a few videos and your good to go.Practice on some older knives maybe just to get the feel ,but really its fail safe. By the way Pauls finest was great to deal with,...thankyou Paul !!!

Sean , Jul 17, 2016

I just ordered a Wusthof knive(Classic 5" - Hollow Edge Santoku Knife) ... It was delivered promptly and I Love it !! Just regret not ordering to tomato knife at the same time thanks !!

Jeanne Sylvie Faille , Jul 4, 2016

Praise where praise is due. This is a wonderful site. Easy to navigate and great selection, not to mention incredibly fast processing and shipping. I couldn't be happier and will recommend. Thank you for your fine service!

Susan H , Jun 16, 2016

Amazing place to order online from. Very fast shipping, great prices and selection. Definitely will be a returning customer.

Neil Peloquin , May 27, 2016

Ordered Edge Pro Apex 4 with some extras Saturday after some emails to discuss with Paul. He sent invoice right out and the kit arrived this morning. Sharpened everything in the house and this thing is excellent. Very happy with the product and prompt service. Thanks Paul. Rob P.

Rob P , Mar 16, 2016

Good price and fast shipping, I would like recommend seller to my friend.

Carol , Feb 17, 2016

For years I’ve been looking for new knives but never found anything of quality in my local area, but now that my husband has (at long last) taken an interest in cooking, it’s a race for the one decent knife we have. Searching online for another knife like the one we own brought me to Paul’s website. What impressed me was the enormous selection and the information provided. I really like that he invites people to contact him. Paul’s passion comes through and I felt comfortable – for the first time - searching online for knives enough to have finally made a purchase. I was delighted that within 48 hours from ordering I received my package. We ended up buying four knives and are very pleased with them. Paul’s reassurance that they’ll last for years brings contentment that we spent our money well. Thank you, Paul. Keep up the good work. Zoë & Rob

Zoë , Feb 12, 2016

Ordered the Maha Powerex MH-C808M Professional Charger. Shipping time was exceptionally fast, considering it was during the Holiday season. The Charger works perfectly and offers up some very quick charging times. I'am very impressed with the quality of the product and service. I highly Recommend. Dean

Dean Newman , Jan 4, 2016

Really happy with Paul's selection and service. Ships quickly, well packaged Prices are great Thanks Paul

Rob , Nov 4, 2015

Just recently purchased a Wusthof carver's knife. It's of great quality. I will be replacing all of my old knives with them. Well made! I also like the Sakai Takayuki knife. You have a great site!

Bill , Apr 1, 2015

I have purchased many knives from Paul and his product, pricing and customer service is second to none! You are number one in my books Paul

Will Arnold (Experience Cycling Ltd) , Mar 25, 2015

I spend between four and six hours sharpening knives every day of the week. I do my work by hand on Japanese Water Stones so owning water stones that not only result in sharper than new knives but are also easy to work with. They have to be relatively easy to flatten and in terms of water management, hassle free. I have used Naniwa Chosera stones exclusively for years and now I use the Naniwa Professional series. The 600 grit stone has surpassed my expectations. This is the perfect grit (particle size) for knives that are just dull, they don't need repair they just need the fatigued metal removed, the debris that makes knives dull. This stone is superb for that, it sets the stage for an extremely sharp knife by building a strong, clean edge. The feedback from the stone, the way it feels is excellent. As always, the service from Paul is absolutely second to none. If you are a sharpener or even learning to sharpening knives by hand, the Naniwa Professional 600 is ideal.

Peter Nowlan (New Edge Sharpening) , Mar 16, 2015

I ordered 3 Salai Takayuki Damascus knives. Received my order in 24 hours flat. These are awesome knives, things of beauty and sharp like you wouldn't believe. I was extremely satisfied with the service, the quality, price and value. I will definitely do business again. Jean-Pierre Nadeau

Jean-Pierre Nadeau , Feb 6, 2015

Hi Paul, Just bought a C9000 charger and 8 Imedion AA's for my GPS, headlamp and metal detector. Thank you for the great service and solid products. My order arrived in two days and your retail pricing was better that my local wholesalers buy price! I expect I'll be back buying more sizes in the near future for my other devices. Cheers, Paul Grand Lake, NS

Paul Parusel (Atlantic Solar Systems) , Jan 14, 2015

Thanks for the fast delivery! Chef's Choice sharpener is an outstanding product. Replaced my 25 year-old model 110 with a new model 120 and can't be more pleased.

J. Woodcroft , Jan 9, 2015

I sharpen knives professionally, all by hand so I have a lot of experience with a wide range of Japanese Water Stones. I have purchasing my stones from Paul for quite some time, and the Naniwa Chosera line has been my long time favourite, so I was a little apprehensive when I heard about the new Naniwa Professional stones coming out, That was until I had the opportunity to actually use the new 400 Naniwa Professional stone. I have since sharpened over 100 knives using this stone and it is absolutely exceptional. If you are like I was and worried about this new line up, don't be, you are in for a treat. They work quickly and dish very slowly. I couldn't be happier and I can't wait to use the other Naniwa Pro stones. Thank you Paul, once again.

Peter Nowlan (New Edge Sharpening) , Jan 7, 2015

Love the Moritaka Knives and the Naniwa stones. Fast efficient service. Good price. The Major is happy!

Major Twang (Major Twang) , Jan 4, 2015

I would like to thank you for the fantastic service that I got from your company. I ordered a knife sharpener on December 18 and received the sharpener on December 23. To get this kind of service to northern Alberta is truly amazing, will definitely use your company for any future purchases.

Albert Schulze , Jan 2, 2015

I sharpen knives professionally and I depend on nothing but the best quality when it comes to Japanese Water Stones. Speed of delivery is also essential and ease of ordering comes in handy. Paul easily meets all of my demands, I have ordered from Paul several times, his service second to none and the stones I buy are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for doing what you do Paul.

Peter Nowlan (New Edge Sharpening) , Nov 27, 2014

I ordered a Wusthof Classic Ikon set and chose ExpressPost thinking it would arrive in 2-3 days. Instead, it arrived the next day to Toronto. Incredibly speedy service. The set was shipped and packed with care with plenty of padding. Had never heard of Paul's Finest before, but glad I took the risk. Great knife set and great deal. Would definitely shop here again. A Canadian gem - Thanks!

Don Nguyen , Sep 12, 2014

Thanks Paul for the speedy delivery,and very nice Knives,UX10- 9.5 beautiful,I'm very happy of my Knives and Service,I'll be back to buying more.Thanks Paul once again.

MR - Larocque , Aug 7, 2014

I have ordered Japanese Water Stones a few times now from Paul. I am absolutely sure that I will order more stones from him in the future. I ordered my last stone on a Sat. afternoon and it was delivered to my home in Nova Scotia on Wed, to my door. Also, I usually send an email to Paul with questions about the products, no matter when I send the email, the reply is always prompt, friendly and professional with the right information. Paul is a class act, I am so glad I found PaulsFinest.

Peter Nowlan (New Edge Sharpening) , Jun 18, 2014

I purchased an Edge Pro Apex 4 from Paul and I am very happy with the sharpener. Good price and delivery was super fast. I would not hesitate to deal with them again anytime. Thanks

Frank , Jun 9, 2014

We received our order of Wusthof Knives today. Everything was packaged with care, shipping was fast, communication was also good. I really like your website one of the best I've visited while searching for our puchase. Prices are as good or better than most U.S. websites. I also appreciate your product desciptions, items are described well, but not oversold/stated. Thank You for everything, will purchase from Paul's Finest again. Will tell my friends.

Neil Vande Pol , Jun 8, 2014

J'ai acheté 2 couteaux à Paul. Service impeccable, envoi rapide et marchandise reçue en parfait état. Je n'hésite pas à recommander les couteaux de Paul à toutes les personnes qui cuisinent sans être des chefs professionnels. Les couteaux peuvent sembler dispendieux mais ces précieux outils vous offriront des performances exceptionnelles pour toute votre vie. Le fil de la lame reste affuté très longtemps et la découpe est précise et uniforme à chaque fois. Gâtez-vous et profitez de ces couteaux. L.essayer c'est l'adopter! David

David , Mar 16, 2014

J'ai acheté pour ma conjointe 3 couteau de chez PaulsFinest. Premièrement, la qualité des produits est exemplaire et le service l'est tout autant. La livraison à été extrêmement rapide et efficace. Je suis probablement le pire cuisinier des environs mais voir ma conjointe avoir autant de plaisir à utiliser ses couteaux compense largement. Deuxièmement, le prix!!! très compétitif. Pour faire simple, je n’achèterai sur aucun autre boutique mes couteaux japonais. À conseiller absolument.

Francois.D , Mar 3, 2014

Service excellent! Rapide!... des pros, quoi!!

alex , Feb 15, 2014

I bought the Maha charger with powerex batteries and have nothing but great things to say. I've had no issues with either and the batteries last as long as alkalines do. The service was great, the product even better. If you are looking for a battery you can charge for hundreds and hundreds of times look no further.

Vern Rutley , Feb 4, 2014

Received my knives in record time. Cannot say enough about the excellent service and quality of these knives. I especially love my Sakai Takayuki 17-Layer Damascus Santoku (7"). Sublime!

Danielle , Jan 28, 2014

Superb quality, pricing and the best shipping I have ever exerperienced. I always come here first when buying new pieces for my Wusthof collection. I love that I can buy from Canada and have it in my hands in 2-days flat. You are amazing!

Laura Countryman , Jan 14, 2014

Thank you Paul for a terrific smooth transaction. Ordered 2 Maha 401 Battery Chargers on Sat. shipped Monday and received Tuesday. All email correspondence was immediately answered by you. Thanks again, you are the best!!

D. Dawes , Nov 23, 2013

Received my beautiful knives today! I ordered Sunday night it was shipped Monday morning,Next time I order cause I will order again I'll pay for faster shipping as to not have to wait on Canada Post.

Jeffery Hunter , Nov 6, 2013
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