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Customer Testimonials
Praise where praise is due. This is a wonderful site. Easy to navigate and great selection, not to mention incredibly fast processing and shipping. I couldn't be happier and will recommend. Thank you for your fine service!

     Susan H

Amazing place to order online from. Very fast shipping, great prices and selection. Definitely will be a returning customer.

     Neil Peloquin

Ordered Edge Pro Apex 4 with some extras Saturday after some emails to discuss with Paul. He sent invoice right out and the kit arrived this morning. Sharpened everything in the house and this thing is excellent. Very happy with the product and prompt service. Thanks Paul. Rob P.

     Rob P

Good price and fast shipping, I would like recommend seller to my friend.


For years Iíve been looking for new knives but never found anything of quality in my local area, but now that my husband has (at long last) taken an interest in cooking, itís a race for the one decent knife we have. Searching online for another knife like the one we own brought me to Paulís website.

What impressed me was the enormous selection and the information provided. I really like that he invites people to contact him. Paulís passion comes through and I felt comfortable Ė for the first time - searching online for knives enough to have finally made a purchase.

I was delighted that within 48 hours from ordering I received my package. We ended up buying four knives and are very pleased with them. Paulís reassurance that theyíll last for years brings contentment that we spent our money well.
Thank you, Paul.
Keep up the good work.
ZoŽ & Rob


Ordered the Maha Powerex MH-C808M Professional Charger.
Shipping time was exceptionally fast,
considering it was during the Holiday season. The Charger works perfectly and offers up some very quick charging times. I'am very impressed with the quality of the product and service. I highly Recommend.


     Dean Newman

Really happy with Paul's selection and service.
Ships quickly, well packaged
Prices are great

Thanks Paul


Just recently purchased a Wusthof carver's knife. It's of great quality. I will be replacing all of my old knives with them. Well made! I also like the Sakai Takayuki knife. You have a great site!


I have purchased many knives from Paul and his product, pricing and customer service is second to none!
You are number one in my books Paul

     Will Arnold
(Experience Cycling Ltd)

I spend between four and six hours sharpening knives every day of the week. I do my work by hand on Japanese Water Stones so owning water stones that not only result in sharper than new knives but are also easy to work with. They have to be relatively easy to flatten and in terms of water management, hassle free.
I have used Naniwa Chosera stones exclusively for years and now I use the Naniwa Professional series.
The 600 grit stone has surpassed my expectations. This is the perfect grit (particle size) for knives that are just dull, they don't need repair they just need the fatigued metal removed, the debris that makes knives dull. This stone is superb for that, it sets the stage for an extremely sharp knife by building a strong, clean edge. The feedback from the stone, the way it feels is excellent. As always, the service from Paul is absolutely second to none. If you are a sharpener or even learning to sharpening knives by hand, the Naniwa Professional 600 is ideal.

     Peter Nowlan
(New Edge Sharpening)

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