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Wüsthof: Knife Makers to the World Since 1814
Note: I am an authorized Canadian Wusthof reseller.
All knives come with full international warranty, and all are brand-new factory-fresh stock. Everything ships from my Montreal, Canada location for quick, affordable and hassle-free shipping!


FOOD & WINE Magazine, July 2005, polled more than 70 expert chefs from across the country, and they rated Wusthof as one of their top 2 picks! Here's what they said: "The nearly 200-year-old German company produces strong blades that are excellent for chopping and cutting hard ingredients."

SPECIAL ORDERS: Looking for something in particular? YES, I can special order just about anything Wusthof makes. Browse the Wusthof Canada web site and let me know the Wusthof part number and short description (for example: "4582-20: 20cm Classic Cook's Knife" ) and I'll get back to you with a price. Special orders usually take about an extra week to arrive.

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Precision forged high carbon stainless steel knives, from the famous German knife-making town of Solingen.

Wustof Knive DetailSure, Japanese knives are getting lots of attention now, but German knives aren't going anywhere, and the world-famous Wusthof name is a truly outstanding representative of this classic professional style. Traditionally, European knives were heavier and, well, "clunkier" than some other styles of knives. These knives represent a great evolution of the European tradition though, because they retain the classic shapes, balance and ergonomics, but they are made with high tech computer controlled processes and new high-tech materials and metals, leading to knives which are thinner, lighter, stronger, sharper and even less expensive than their predecessors! I like the Wusthof knives because I feel they're a nice compromise between some Japanese blades which can be too thin and the metal too hard (and so hard to re-sharpen when they lose their factory edge) for some people's liking, and some other German knives which can be (in my opinion) a bit too heavy and clunky and don't keep an edge due to softer metals (and this is especially true for home cooks who can't be resharpening their knives all the time). The Wusthof blades are quite thin and the metal very hard, leading to VERY sharp edges, and the knives overall are beautifully finished, comfortable, and well balanced. Remember, the really hard Japanese metals take an incredible edge from the factory, but once they lose that edge, they're harder to re-sharpen at home (or even by professionals) and getting that truly razor-sharp edge back can be very difficult. These knives on the other hand, are extremely sharp from the factory (many professional cooks/chefs use and swear by them after all!), and yet still easily maintain or get their edge back with something as simple as a few swipes of a traditional steel or most any off-the-shelf quality sharpening system. And the average professional knife sharpening shop also will be familiar with this style of knife, so you don't have to worry about them not knowing how to deal with some of the more unfamiliar lines from Japan.

Finally, these knives are always very highly rated by virtually every consumer magazine out there, and you'll see countless television chefs and personalities using Wusthof knives (Rachael Ray of the Food Network's "30 Minute Meals" and "$40 A Day" TV shows uses the best-selling Wusthof 4183 Granton Edge Santoku). And so I'm very pleased to offer my fellow Canadians this carefully-researched select group of Wüsthof knives, which I've specially chosen to represent the best values and most useful products in the line for both the home and professional cook. These are serious knives, for a lifetime of serious work, and serious fun.

Why are Wüsthof - Trident knives recommended by top consumer magazines and used in professional and home kitchens in Canada, the United States, and around the world?
Following the finest German traditions, Wusthof knives are produced from only the finest select materials, precision forged from a single piece of high-carbon no-stain steel. It takes more than 40 major manufacturing steps from forging to tempering, grindling and polishing until the final cutting edge is applied. Characteristics of the precision-forged WÜSTHOF knife:

  • Classic Grip: Full bolster/finger guard for safety and protection.
  • Hygiene: One-piece seamless stainless steel construction means no handle gaps or seams for food or germs to hide: very easy to keep clean and hygienic.
  • Comfort: Perfectly balanced for effortless cutting without fatigue. Ergonomic handle design developed in consultation with professional chefs. The Classic line of Wusthof knives feature a handle with a familiar, traditional look, made of virtually indistructible material. The fit and finish of the handle to the bolster and blade is superb and nearly seamless. Grand Prix knives feature full tang contruction (blade extends fully into the handle), and molded, pebble-grained handles of slip-resistant poly material.
  • Durability: No rivets or handle pieces to fall apart or melt due to one-piece seamless construction. Lifetime warranty for manufacturing or materials defect.
    • The Steel: X 50 Cr Mo 15
      • The analysis of the WÜSTHOF steel alloy is as follows:
        • X = Surgical steel.
        • 50 = 0.5% carbon
          The carbon content is significant for the sharpness, edge retention and honing of the blade.
          It is indicated in 1/100 %.
        • Cr = Chromium for no-stain properties.
        • Mo = Molybdenum contributes to the no-stain properties
        • 15 = Contents of chromium in %
    • Select alloy of high carbon no-stain steel .
    • Precision forged from a single blank of steel with bolster and full tang .
    • Tempered blades at 56° Rockwell (that's a very hard metal, leading to a razor-sharp edge!)
    • Laser-controlled and tested cutting edge .
    • Skillfully honed and razor-sharp cutting edge, honed by hand twice.
    • The WÜSTHOF name, TRIDENT Logo and city of Solingen as place-of- manufacturing proudly etched onto every blade.
  • Easy care: Wash, dry and store promptly for long life, sharpness and safety. Do not put in dishwasher. These are very sharp high-quality knives, so do not leave them in a sink or drawer. Easy and affordable to keep sharp. Do not need frequent sharpening with normal use.
  • Sharpening ease: Made from high carbon stainless steel alloy with a tempered hardness of HRC56 which holds its edge like harder metals, but is easier to sharpen. Also tougher and less likely to snap or chip.
  • Wusthof Cook's Knife, Wusthof Trident CanadaGreat Gifts! Wusthof knives are very well known, and the name will be familiar as a mark of distinction even to casual or first-time cooks, and will instantly be recognized by your recipient as a quality product that they'll be proud to own and happy and impressed to receive. All Wüsthof Canada knives come in full retail packaging, the Santokus (all lines) come in an attractive gift-box, as do all Culinar and Le Cordon Bleu knives, and some other knives from other lines. All others come with protective card-stock blade-protectors (pictured at right) with snap-on clip to keep the protector securly in place and edge fully guarded for security and edge protection in shipping and handling prior to use. Wüsthof knives are top-quality, world renowned, and beautifully finished tools making them suitable for all family or corporate gift occasions. Remember: A quality kitchen knife will last a lifetime, giving your recipient a daily reminder of your thoughtfulness.

About my selection
As you've probably noticed by now, I like to spend lots of time researching and testing products before giving them my stamp of approval and offering them for sale. I have made an immense effort to NOT be just another mindless "price list" web site, and instead to provide you with the experience you might get (although it's increasingly rare in these days of "big box" and chain stores who don't actually care about -- or even use -- the products they sell) from an old-fashioned retailer who really "knew their stuff" and stood by what they offered. And so in the interest of offering a balanced, useful and easy-to-understand selection, I've carefully selected the items I sell as being outstanding tools and values. So here's the lowdown on the main Wusthof lines:

The Classic, Grand Prix II and Culinar lines all have the exact same blades. That's right -- you'll get the exact same blade quality, sharpness and shape from all three lines. The difference is just in the handles. The Classic handles are really nice versions of the European-style handles everyone knows, except the fit and finish is superior to cheaper versions, and the material itself if nearly indestructible and won't fade, crack or warp like older standard wooden handles (it's a hard ABS plastic material). The Culinar handles have solid metal handles in a more unique "ergonomic" shape (similar to the Grand Prix II shape). These are a bit more hefty than the other two style, and the handles have a slightly textured feel which makes them safer and more pleasant to handle than the slippery handles of some other brands (like Global for example, which can easily slip from your hand). If you like the shape of this handle but would like something more affordable (or if you simply prefer the feel of textured plastic), then the new Grand Prix II series is a great choice. All the handles are really superb, so just choose the one that looks best to you (or would fit best with the style of your gift recipient), and also make your choice depending on if you like the classic feel of hard material (designed to feel a bit like wood in the hand) or the perhaps more "ergonomic" textured plastic of the Grand Prix II, or the sexy look/feel and added heft of the Culinar steel handles. All Wusthof knives should last a lifetime, and remember, the blades are identical. Note: the original Grand Prix line has been discontinued and is no longer available. It has been replaced by the Grand Prix II line. The only difference is in the shape of the handle, in that the Grand Prix II handle has a slightly more "egonomic" shape.

The Classic IKON are sort of a hybrid between all 4 forged lines. You get the same superb materials, blade shapes, fit, finish and overall quality that the timeless Classic line represents, but you ALSO get the more contemporary Japanese-knife inspired bolsterless design (no chunk of metal coming down from the handle to the edge of the blade at the heel of the blade), and a bold and yet very comfortable handle style. While some people like a bolster (and for you the Classic, Grand Prix II and Culinar lines await!), these days most people think it's overkill, and the bolsterless design is generally a bit lighter, easier to sharpen, and the blade at the heel isn't obstucted in any way. I REALLY like these handles. I was a Classic guy before because I just really liked the feel of the handle material AND shape in my hand. This handle material is the same as the Classic so it provides excellent grip and feel even when wet, and the shape, well, I think it's just fantastic -- an ideal balance between the "ergonomic" trend, and superb fit of the standard Classic-style handle. Fantastic modern and classy good looks, comfort and construction quality. Also, the handle style, if you ask me, is pretty reminiscent of another knife brand (Shun), so now you can have that handle style if you like it, but in a more affordable and all-around better knife (the Shun is pretty, but in my opinion overpriced and the Wusthof represents a better overall balance of performance and ease of maintenance).

Wusthof Xline are a new top-end range of knives, new for 2013. Besides all the benefits of the Classic IKON and other recent changes to all the lines (improved edges), these also feature a new and very distinctive X-shaped bolster. The handle shape is also just great, with a comfort, look and feel somewhat similar to the excellent Classic IKON handle.But perhaps the biggest change and unique feature for this line is the new transparent ceramic coating on the blade, offering: increased protection against corrosion; improved non-stick qualities; protection against scratches and general wear; easier cleaning. Note that the edge is not coated, so sharpening and regular maintenance should not be affected. Being a premium top-line product, these knives also come packaged in beautiful aluminum cases, excellent for gift giving!

Le Cordon Bleu: [note: this line is now discontinued, I'd suggest the Classic IKON instead!]

The Gourmet line consists of mostly stamped-steel versions of knives you'll find in the Classic and other forged lines. They're still good knives, and the handles are excellent (very similar to the material and feel of the Classic handles), but the blades are made from stamped steel (not forged), much like all those Victorinox and Sanelli knives you'll see in stores. In fact, I often sell these to culinary school students on a budget but looking for something better than the usual Victorinox or Sanelli stamped steel knives they find in standard issue student kits or in kitchen stores (at inflated prices). These are good, solid work-horse knives and accessories, worthy of the Wusthof name.