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NiMH batteries charge FAST; can be recharged hundreds times; offer nearly TRIPLE the capacity of previous rechargeable batteries (NiCAD); and can be used wherever you'd normally use AA or AAA disposable (alkaline) batteries. NiMH batteries are safe, clean, and environmentally friendly. More fun, less hassle, less money!

Maha Imedion Eneloop-style batteries
Ultra Low Discharge Imedion AA and AAA PowerEx NiMH Batteries now in stock!
PowerEx Maha 2700 mAh AA batteries for Canada
2700 mAh AA PowerEx NiMH Batteries now in stock!
Maha PowerEx 1000 mAh AAA NiMH Batteries Canada
Maha PowerEx 9 volt rechargeable NiMH battery
9.6 volt Maha PowerEx NiMH Batteries now in stock!

NEW Imedion Ultra Low Discharge NIMH Rechargeable Battery Features

  • Can be stored for an extended period of time without substantial loss of power.
  • No more finding your batteries to be low on charge when you want use them. "Ready When You Are!"
  • Retains up to 85% of charge after one year of storage.
  • Pre-charged and ready to use out-of-package.
  • Rechargeable up to 1000 times.
  • 2400mAh ultra high capacity AA.
  • Suitable for high drain devices like digital cameras and gaming devices.
  • Battery carrying case included.
  • One year limited manufacturer's warranty.


Maha PowerEX NIMH Rechargeable Batteries Features

  • Ultra high capacity 2700 mAh AA and 1000 mAh AAA batteries that offer super long run time. AAA batteries excel for use in Palm Pilots where alkalines quickly become much too expensive and you'll pay for the AA batteries and charger in no time at all when you use them in a digital camera.
  • Last up to twice as long as ordinary rechargeable batteries (NiCADS).
  • No "memory" problem like that associated with NiCAD means you can charge batteries anytime you like without having to worry about discharging them first or reducing their capacity over time.
  • Can be recharged 500-1000 times (normal lifespan is about 2-3 years before the capacity drops off)!
  • Excellent for power intensive devices like digital cameras, MP3 Players, Radio/Control vehicles/aircraft/transmitters, Game Boys, CD Players, Global Position System (GPS) units, cochlear implants, and more.
  • The most cost-effective, highest performing and easiest solution for Radio Control (R/C) hobbies such as cars (HPI RS4 Micro, Kyosho Mini-Z, etc), electric aircraft, R/C transmitters (Kyosho, Futuba, etc.)
  • One year limited manufacturer's warranty.

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"[...]A and B sets of matched Powerex 2700 AA cells were broken-in in the C9000 in mid-August 2007 and the two sets are used in my Nikon CP8800 camera. The A-set cells all recharged in the 5th round to beyond their 2700 mAh rating. The Mahas give me longer service between charges than any other makes have. Also, you're lucky if most other makes come within 200 mAh of their stipulated rating. I've never had any exceed their rating like the Mahas tend to eventually."
--Erik P., Calgary, Alberta

PowerEx MH-96V200 TRUE 9-Volt Rechargeable NiMh Battery

  • True 9.6v 230mAh rating
  • Actual Voltage is slightly higher than standard 9V Alkaline Batteries.
  • Will outperform a standard 9 volt battery due to the higher voltage.
  • PowerEx 9.6V 9V batteries will operate paintball hoppers that other 9V rechargeable batteries cannot power.
  • Fast charge capable and works well with the MH-C1090F POWEREX Charger
  • Enables paintball hoppers to last longer and work faster.
  • Perfect for pro-audio and wireless microphones for schools and events.
  • No memory effect allows for fast and efficient full charges. No conditioning necessary.
  • Chargeable hundreds of times.
  • Saves you money! You can get the the equivalent of hundreds of alkaline batteries from ONE PowerEx Rechargeable battery!
  • One-year limited manufacturer's warranty.
."Maha is once more in the top spot with their Powerex cells."
The Great Battery Shootout" by Imaging Resource.


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